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Feb 13, 2009 04:56 PM

Mid-March at Westin Grand

Hi, 'hounds. My wife and I will be in town March 12-14 at a conference, staying at the Westin Grand at 2350 M Street NW.

Any ideas for decent evening meals in the neighborhood?


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  1. No other replies to you, weird... You are in a nice location and if willing to travel via car/cab/metro you can get basically anywhere in the city. I don't know what you consider "decent" but if you mean "upscale" Hook, Vidalia, Blue Duck, and Westend Bistro are all within walking distance. A little farther away Cafe Du Parc, Ardour, Mourayo, and Obelisk. Beyond that, Palena and Corduroy are two other DC favorites that are both a relatively short cab ride away. The food at both is transcendant. Read other posts on this board asking for suggestions for visitors.