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Feb 13, 2009 04:56 PM

Any current thoughts on Rokerij ?

Haven't been for about a year, but loved the ambience of the place and enjoyed the food last year. Any current reports?

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  1. While the happy hour small plates prices are hard to pass-up (five bucks a pop!), resist the urge to go completely cheap and have the roasted garlic plate: A soft-roasted, whole clove of elephant garlic served with pecan-roasted chiles and peppers, slathered in some of the house's signature sauces, and served crowned with bubbling Asiago and crostini. As good a dish as has ever been served in this town, I assure you.
    To wash down whatever you wind up eating, ask for the close-out list of bottled wines. If you know your stuff, you can often find quality at an absolute steal. Charcuterie platters (two sizes) are also a nice share. If you bite on the dinner for two special ($36), go with either the porterhouse or the entrecote (a bone-in prime rib). 20-plus ounces each, and with two salads, sides, warm baguette & herb butter, and a shared crock of crisp-edged, buttery mashed potatoes, it's a bellyful at a bargain price no other staek joints come close to matching.