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Feb 13, 2009 04:54 PM

Taste of the South End

Just got my invite to the Taste of the South End benefit for AIDS Action Committee. Nice line up this year, good to see they were able to include Mistral and DaVinci even though they are technically on the border of the South End. Old favorites Hamersley's, Stella and Union are back and Oishii is back again this year too - they had the most amazing rolls to try last year. The other thing I like about this event is that the wine is included, no extra cash bar to have to contend with.

Looks like they dropped their price for the VIP part this year too - smart due to the present circumstances.

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  1. Those prices seem slightly higher than Taste of the Nation's. Interesting. I can't remember what prices were a few years ago. Seems like there are may of these type of events coming up. Taste of the Nation is in April, and there's the Chocolate Madness event by the NARAL folks too. If you could only pick one, does anyone have a favorite?

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    1. re: PorkTerrine

      Taste of the Nation.... most egalitarian, most chefs, most bang for the buck....

    2. While the local Taste of the Nation keeps a good majority (80%)of the $$$ here in MA, I guess that for me, as a Boston resident - I'd like to see 100% of it stay here with an organization that I support and believe in.

      That being said, with the prices the same, I probably will do both of them - seeing as Taste of the South End is in early March and then my waistline will have until early April to recover before TotN.

      I guess I never felt as though I was ever "out of my league" or "unequal" when attending these type of events, I'm sorry if galleygirl feels that way. I thought we were all just helping out a worthwhile charity while having some fun at the same time.

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        Mike, I don't feel "out of my league" at all, having worked them both. Please don't speculate on what I may be feeling, because anything you guess will be wrong.

        Taste of the South End benefits the Aids Action Committee, and seems to draw its tasters from the South End. I have not found many AAC benefits to be inclusive, not to mince words, and I say this after having given much volunteer time to them.

        I have found the base that supports Taste of the Nation to draw from a larger base, and it seems to be one that has less funding. So there you have it. I'm sure this will be removed by the mods, but the whole thread, promoting a fundraiser, is actually against CH guidelines, so I'm sure it will all be down.