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Feb 13, 2009 04:09 PM

Best Tiramisu in Town

What do you think?

As a point of reference, I like my tiramisu, not too boozy, made in a pan usually (cake tiramisu are never very good), delicious mascarpone cheese and some fresh whipped cream incorporated into it is a must, along with bitter chocolate shavings and the barest of cake layer at the bottom of the pan. Oh, and not saccharinely sweet.



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  1. Trattoria Farfalla, Los Feliz. Best Tiramisu and great pastas, too: fave is the checca.

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    1. re: klew

      Cafe Flore on Robertson in Beverly Hills

      1. re: trojans

        is cafe flore a bakery or a sit-down restaurant.

        1. re: kevin

          Cafe Flore is a small restaurant on Robertson south of Wilshire between Charleville and Gregory.

      2. re: klew

        Thanks to you, after finishing our valentine's day dinner at home, my gf and I walked over to Farfalla to get a slice of tiramisu for dessert and it was fantastic. So smooth and fluffy and creamy. A very generous size as well...and all for only $6.77 w/ tax.

      3. I think the question/answer has to be "where do they use imported mascarpone cheese" makes such a least to this Italian boy! I had good tiramisu last year at Valentino in Santa Monica and I have had good tiramisu at La Buca on Melrose some time ago. I tend to make this at home with the best ingredients...very simple and oh so good...and it blows restaurant made tiramisu out of the water!!

        BTW, the original recipe for tiramisu is from the Venato region of Italy and is made with lady fingers, expresso, chocolate, cocoa, mascarpone, egg yolks, brandy and whipped cream!...Yum!...I think I might make some tonight!!

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        1. re: TravelPath

          darnit, now i want to try some homemade tiramisu.

          yeah, i did forget about la buca.

          my faves in town are still Pastina, though sometimes they have an off batch of it there, or at Giorgio Baldi, which is really good and light and not to sweet but i could do with out the chocolate gelato making it a $12 dessert.

          1. re: kevin

            The best Tiramisu I've had is at a little restaurant on Montana Ave in Santa Monica called Locanda Portofino. The owners are two Italian guys. They use only the finest ingredients in all of their food .Their fish dishes are devine and they make the best penne a la vodka I've had anywhere in the world! They do not advertise and all of their business is word of mouth. A local gem with a celebrity following. It's romantic and intimate with outstanding food.

            1. re: delishdonna

              I'll second this however I've never understood why people judge a restaurant based on who goes there.
              I love this place and you're right....the tiramisu is excellent.

              1. re: latindancer

                is this the tiny restaurant that's tucked into a corner of what amounts to a mini-mall of sorts along fashioinable montana?

                how are the prices?

                1. re: kevin

                  Yes! The prices are moderate to high depending on what you order and what you drink. They have an excellent wine list .Floristano, one of the owners really knows food and wine. He is meticulous at choosing the finest ingredients he can find. The quality of the food is worth every cent.

              2. re: delishdonna

                one more thing, i think i seem to have gotten this joint mixed up with locanda venata which is on the 3rd st promenade.

                i will defintely check out Locanda Portofino on Montana and not just for the tiramisu.

                what other dishes there are very good too?


          2. Re: latindancer
            I did not mean to imply that I or anyone would or should judge a restaurant based on who eats there. I believe they have a celeb following because the food is great and they can go there without being bothered by paparazzi or anyone else disturbing them while having an intimate meal.

            1. Tiramisu is my favorite dessert outside bread pudding; The two best I've ever had were at Jean Philippe in Las Vegas and C&O Trattoria down in Venice - so make the trip to Venice. While the food there wasn't super, the Garlic Rolls and Tiramisu are reason enough to check it out. These two completely outshined versions at Il Mulino or Otto in NYC and any other version I've had at "family" Italian restaurants anywhere I've been.

              Although I find it hard to "count," the best "tiramisu taste" was actually a petit four after my meal at Alex in Vegas...alas it was only a bite.....but possibly the best bite of an amazing meal.

              1. I am not a tiramisu fan but my friend who I dine with often LOVES LOVES it and he has declared several times to me that his favorite tiramisu in town is served at TERRONI (on Beverly Blvd near the Grove). We eat at italian restaurants frequently together and he always orders it if it's made in-house so knows his stuff.

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                1. re: bruinike

                  yes, you're right. Terroni is one of the best, it's served in that oval pot, and if you don't eat it quickly enough it will all just melt away.