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Feb 13, 2009 02:01 PM

valentines day dinner

my boyfriend and i love mexican food. i want to cook him something yummy tomorrow but i dont know many mexican recipes and i dont cook it often. does anyone have any good ideas for a valentines day dinner? also it would be nice if it were fairly easy, like i said i dont cook mexican often

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  1. chile verde. not exactly easy, but not hard, either.

    1. Turkey or chicken mole would be very nice but time consuming. Simple would just be some black beans, white Mexican rice and the mole or the chile verde, as suggested by funklight.

      1. If you have a mexican market handy, see if the meat counter has the thin, marinated carne asade....all you need to do is grill them very quickly, serve with rice and beans.

        Maybe pick up a jicama and some fruit for a refreshing salad - get some of the spicy fruit seasoning to sprinkle on while you're there. Heat up some fresh corn tortillas, and you've got it! Maybe a simple chocolate pudding with some cinnamon added for dessert?

        1. quesadillas are easy and you can get creative with the ingrediants - shrimp, peppers, garlic, cheese or beef/chicken.

          or fajitas can be fun too without much effort.

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            I used to make a kick arse enchilada, unfortunately I never had an official recipe, I will try and paraphrase

            saute sliced chicken (or beef or vegetarian) & veggies of choice (I like peppers, onions and mushrooms)

            in separate bowl mix together a can of cream soup (like chicken or mushroom) with shredded cheddar or jack. Add salsa (about 1/3 of the soup can or more if you like). Some extras to add in if you like spice: chipotle, cayenne, jalapeno. Add a bit of milk or water if this mixture is too thick.

            add the soup/cheese mixture to the meat/veg and mix together, spread some of the sauce mixture on the bottom of a baking dish

            use medium sized flour tortillas (If all you can find is large just make less of them) and fill with the meat/veg/sauce, roll (you don't need to tuck the ends in) and place in a baking dish.

            pour remaining sauce over top (depending on number of enchiladas you make, you may need to double the sauce.

            sprinkle grated cheese on top, bake at 350 until bubbly.

            this is really yummy. sorry if the directions are confusing.