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Feb 13, 2009 01:48 PM


So recently ive started drinking it. SG Synergy makes really yummy fruit ones. I like the vinegar taste... anyways, there is a lot of controversy with the health benifits of it. some people say it can be toxic over time, and some people say that it balances the body and aids digenstion ect...theres not a lot of reaserch on it and ive been looking for information but there isnt much scientific evidence that it is healthy or unhealthy. does anyone have experience with drinking kombucha or does anyone have information? I like the taste a lot:)

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  1. I'm no doctor but I don't think it can be toxic over time. It is a live yeast culture (similar to what's in unfiltered beer) and a live acetobacter culture (like what's in unfiltered vinegar).

    I have been making my own and drinking some almost daily for about 6 weeks. It will settle an upset stomach, but other than that I would believe any health claims you hear.

    Here's an article on it:

    1. I have noticed that "sources" who give kombucha guidelines (some are unabashedly enthusiastic yet don't say anything about usage) have all advised consuming small amounts: 2 - 3 oz, 2 -3 times a day. which is a medicinal dosage.

      I consume about 6 - 12 oz throughout the day (mixed into ice water to flavor). i've noticed improved skin clarity & only one bout of PMS this year (usually 3 - 4 bad cramps or digestion problems), Also, adding to water makes drinking water a lot easier; in the past, drinking >2 qts a day would hurt my stomach and maybe give me a little nausea.

      I think the key is consistent consumption: When I went on vacation, my skin started getting dull about 10 days without KTea.

      Oddly enough, I no longer crave spicy food. I can still eat blazing food, but I don't yearn for it.
      Ditto for caffeine & pastries (used to bake cakes & cookies every week--could this account for clearer skin?).

      FYI, I try to catch the fermentation when the KTea when very apple-y with only an edge of acidity. But by the time I finish a batch, it's often quite tangy. I make ~a gallon at a time, which lasts ~a couple weeks.

      imo, US sensibilities being what they are, any toxicity issues lie in untempered greed. there's a piece on showing how to make 15 gallons at a time. I mean, would you drink 24 oz of vinegar in a sitting? at every meal? but that's what people are doing with KTea.

      This is just my experience/opinion, but I hope it helps you.