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Mei Long Village

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Does this place still exist? I've looked for it several times in San Gabriel Square and never found it.

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  1. Yes, it still exists...

    Mei Long Village Restaurant
    301 W. VALLEY BLVD., # 112
    SAN GABRIEL, CA 91776

    Map @ http://tinyurl.com/32fef

    Link: http://lapublichealth.org/rating/

    1. Pretty sure it is still there. Map link below but factoids are 301 W. Valley Blvd. San Gabriel, CA 91776 (626) 284 4769

      If they still answer their phone then they are still in business.

      Link: http://mappoint.msn.com/(ac0v5zbbocbh...

        1. Note that Mei Long Village is not in San Gabriel square. It's across the street and to the west.

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            Ah, that was probably my error. Many thanks to all.

          2. Had lunch there yesterday. Crab-pork dumplings delicious as always. Szechwan shrimp/scallops lunch special wasn't bad either.

            1. Late response, I know. But in case you haven't gone yet, in addition to the crap-pork soup dumplings, I also like the steamed vegetable dumplings (with nice thin wrapper skins), and the house pan-fried noodles. I'm not sure what it's called but it's their Nien Gao noodles with pork (as with everything in Chinese food). Very tasty.

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                interesting typo in your message...

              2. Just ate there a couple days ago. In the realm of good and tasty, but not out of this world. Highlight was the xlb with crab meat. Excellent flavour in the soupy filling. The skin was also commendable, relatively thin, but not as good as Din Tai Fung's imho.

                Crispy eel was indeed crispy and addictive, but the sweet sauce is a notch short of superior versions that I've had elsewhere that use the fruitty vinegar from Zhenjiang.

                Also had a homey 3 cup chicken with plenty of crisped basil leaves. Very comforting braised pork, very delicious. Also well made nian gao/rice cakes stir fried with finely cut napa cabbage and pork.

                1. I went to this place twice after reading incredibly good reviews and was disappointed. Maybe the place used to great but I found it to be ok.

                  The soup dumplings are very good. Not as juicy and soupy as other places but more flavorful than most. I think you put less but more concentrated broth in their dumplings.

                  Tried the Jade Shrimp and was a bit disappointed because 1) the dish was warm, not hot 2) there was no fried spinach and in its place was limp, unsalted pea shoot sprouts

                  Tried the cod with bean sauce and again the dish was warm not hot. The bean sauce was very tasty and the fish was good.

                  Lions head--big juicy meatballs. These were pretty good.

                  Jellyfish head--completely under-seasoned and sandy.

                  I can see how this place may have used to be great. Now, it's just another decent chinese restaurant that serves great soup dumplings.

                  1. I went there today for lunch, and I loved the XLB... they were just as chewy and soupy and flavorful as hyped. Definitely better than DTF. The best xiao long baos I've had so far.

                    However the spicy beef noodle soup, three cup chicken and West Lake Soup were less than average, imo. The spicy beef noodle soup tasted like prepackaged beef noodle ramen, the three cup chicken was heavily heavily glazed and tasted like American BBQ sauced chicken, and the West Lake soup was bland.

                    1. First time in a long time back at Mei Long. Had the following:

                      * Xiao long bao
                      * Wuxi spare ribs
                      * Leek with fresh bamboo shoots
                      * Eight-treasure glutinous rice

                      Xiao long bao was as good as I remember from last time, plump and straightforward. Reasonable people can argue about styles here but I just love Mei Long's version because -- if dumplings can be said to possess it -- it's got moxie. No complaints with the spare ribs. We were so pleased with the leek with bamboo shoots. It hit all the right notes for us -- earthy, fragrant, tender-crunchy. The missus and I struggled to finish all the food, but we got the eight-treasure rice anyway. Utensil-fight over the "treasures" ensued.

                      All in all, easily the most satisfying meal this month so far, handily beating out Mozza this past weekend!

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                        I'm a big fan of their XLB also. Next time, consider trying the fried crispy tiny eels...sweet and tasty, if you don't mind all those sad eyes looking up at you.