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Feb 13, 2009 12:00 PM

Best popcorn at the movies?

I am wondering what people think is the best movie popcorn in the Seattle area. Two clarifications: 1) I'm not talking about truffled popcorn or something fancy like that, just regular popcorn you can get at a theater; 2) I like popcorn that tastes like popped corn and doesn't taste too much like fake butter or chemicals.

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  1. My favorites woudl be in order:
    Columbia City Cinema
    Big Picture
    Harvard Exit

    1. Columbia City Cinema
      Seven Gables
      Harvard Exit

      1. The Landmark theaters uses real butter. It's the only theater chain where I'll buy popcorn.

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        1. re: dave_c

          I'm going to make note of these.

          More and more states and cities are trying to eliminate the self-serve machines found near the concession areas. The synthetic butter alternative are apparently extremely unhealthy and the way they are presented encourage people to use way more than they should.

          The debate is well intended but on some level too much Big Brother. They should have to warn people and tet them choose, rather than ban it. Same with trans-fats and other attempts at legislating the content of what we eat.

          Next they'll be after Landmark for serving real butter.

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            Northwest Film Forum has awesome popcorn, popped in peanut oil I think.

            1. re: lizalee

              That does sound good. Peanut oil really tasts great.

            2. re: dave_c

              I went to a matinee at The Seven Gables recently and they used bagged popcorn. I'm sure it was because it was a week day matinee (my husband and I were the only ones in the theater!) but Landmarks use of fresh popped corn is not across the board.

            3. The Grand Cinema in Tacoma makes their own popcorm and puts real butter on it.

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              1. re: lbsowen

                Thanks for the tip:) That's probably the best option for places these days. It's orginal, tastes great, and better for you than many alternatives.

                1. re: TaylorRoot

                  I'll tell you the worst - Pacific Place - they don't even pop it on site. Big bags arrive and get re-heated under a lamp - ick!!

                  Majestic Bay in ballard is good, as are the others noted.

                  1. re: bluedog67

                    A little o/t, but the Landmark theatreas are also the only ones in town who use union projectionists, another good reason to do business with them!

                    They do have yuumy popcorn there too.

              2. Just a friendly reminder Folks, posts not discussing where to find the best popcorn or other great food in the Seattle area are out of scope for this board. Larger discussions about food additives, food safety, nutrition in general are not on topic for this board.