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Feb 13, 2009 11:49 AM

Unionville restaurants?

Thinking of going to lunch in Unionville tomorrow. I'm intrigued by a place called "Livingwater Restaurant & Cake Gallery." Anyone been there? Or any recommendations for other restaurants on that little main street area? Thanks!

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  1. Livingwater isn't the greatest. Il Postino on the main drag is okay. I've heard that there is a very good place on the main drag of Markham proper. I will see if i can find you the name...

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      Il Postino is good for pasta. We also go to Blacksmith Bistro as well.

    2. Well, we did go to Livingwater so I thought I'd report back. It definitely wasn't the greatest. First, I'd called a couple of days early to ask what the hours were on Saturday (because I'd attempted to go there before and found it closed, despite it being within the posted hours). They assured me that they would be open from10:30 a.m. on, and that they didn't close between lunch and dinner.

      When we arrived in the late afternoon, they first told us that the kitchen was closed. They said we could order cake and beverages. (Though there were people eating meals.) We explained that we'd called ahead and been told they'd be open. They said that they were open, but that they had to take a break from serving food to get ready for the dinner rush. When we pointed out again that we'd made a special trip up, they said that we could order something from the menu if it wasn't "too complicated."

      I had a chicken breast sandwich with poppyseed dressing -- it was pretty basic, though very drippy (impossible to eat without knife and fork). It was served with batter dipped fries, cole slaw, and a couple of slices of fresh fruit. Nice presentation. Nothing to write home about, but it was okay for a basic lunch.

      My partner got the "package" deal they have -- you choose one of three entrees and it comes with soup, beverage, and cake. She had the mediterranean pie -- it had layers of cheese, ham, & vegetables. It came with a side salad that had orange slices on it. She liked the salad, thought the pie would've been better without the ham. The soup was a tomato bisque -- it was like eating a bowl of pasta sauce with a few soggy croutons... not a taste sensation. We shared the blueberry cheesecake for dessert and that was excellent, very creamy, served with whipped cream and a waffle cookie on the side.

      Service wasn't great (we had to remind the server twice to bring our drinks -- they arrived after both the soup and our entrees). My partner's plate had a big smudge of dirt on the rim. And the washroom is so full of scented products (potpourri, multiple air fresheners) that it made me want to gag.

      Anyway, I think the consensus was that next time we'll eat someplace else and possibly come there for dessert again. (Or just come for cake as a snack.) They did have a lot of cakes that looked great -- it was hard to pick.

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        If you are looking for outstanding, fresh desserts on Main Street Unionville go to the Old Country Inn. Yes it is a German restaurant and if you like German fare it is great. However if you are making a trip to the area for dessert ignore what ever ethnicity it may have and try it out. You can't go wrong. I live in the area and have tried every restaurant on multiple occasions. Your experiences at Livingwater are consistent with literally decades of their view of "service".