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Seeking wine recommendation

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I'm looking to your expert opinion for a wine that will complement the Valentine's day dinner I'm cooking:

boiled lobster
truffled mashed potatos
roasted asparagus

I know I should get a fuller bodied white -but I'm not a fan of anything oaky/buttery.

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  1. Have you had white burgundy? It is aged in oak, yes, but I'd hardly describe it as oaky/buttery -- and it would go beautifully with your menu. I'd look specifically for a Meursault. If you wanted to stick with California wines, Ramey makes a beautiful full bodied chardonnay that is not at all oaky or buttery.

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      Sounds great to me. I might also add a red Burg, just to cover all bases (like the truffles), but with the main being lobster, a white Burg would be my frist choice too.


    2. A fine dry Chenin Blanc (Savennières, Vouvray, Montlouis)

      An unoaky white Burgundy (a few I've recently enjoyed, listed in ascending order by price: Terres Dorées's Beaujolais blanc; Bret Brothers' Pouilly-Fuissé "Terre de Fuissé"; Hubert Lamy's Saint-Aubins; Bonneau de Martray's Corton-Charlemagnes)

      A northern Rhône white (Hermitage, Crozes-Hermitage, Saint-Joseph)

      1. How about a nice Champagne?

        1. CHAMPAGNE!!!! Preferably blancs de blanc.

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            Champagne, truffles, and lobster. Yummmmm.

          2. 1. Blanc de blanc - Schramsberg (from CA) makes a nice one
            2. White Burgundy - maybe a Marsault
            3. Riesling from Alsace region of france. Very food friendly.

            1. I'd have to go with the Chenin Blanc, preferably from the Loire in some miniscule appelation......Domaine Jo Pithon comes to mind......imo THE BEST wine with asparagus and also good w/ the truffles........if not maybe something from the Alto Adige....but the Chenin would be my overwhelmiong favorite!!!


              1. Thank you all so much. I'm off to the Chelsea Market wine shop right now!