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Feb 13, 2009 11:03 AM

Brunch buffett recommendations in Rhode Island?

[Sorry for duplicate post, I forgot to add the location in the title]

Looking for recommendations anywhere in the RI vicinity for a good brunch buffet...

We've tried the one at the Atlantic Beach Club in Newport, which wasn't too bad actually. It was all pretty standard fare, but fairly competently prepared, and the price was certainly right....and a view!

However, I'm looking for other ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. The brunch buffet at the Coast Guard House in Narraganset is phenomenal. they usually have an omelet station where the sous chef makes custom omelets. They have the usually fare (french toast, ham, sausage, eggs Benedict, etc., etc.) but also have some more obscure breakfast fare such as salmon dishes and slow cooked braised meats. The price the last time we went was under $20 but close to it, well worth every penny mind you. we have our family outings there every year and every one walks away happy. The down side is I am uncertain as to whether or not they are open in February this year, They were open last year at this time, but it changes every year.

    Also the Bluefin Grille in Marriott providence has a brunch buffet most weekends, the food is excellent and the price is under $16 for adults. They, also, have an omelet station most days and the service always great. We have never been dissatisfied with the restaurant and I have several friends who are employed there.

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      I never thought about the Coast Guard house! That's perfect.


    2. 1149 in East Greenwich has a great brunch.
      Bay Voyage in Jamestown also.

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        if you like indian food,india in warren has a good sunday buffet .

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          The Wharf Tavern in Warren (Market St) also does a very affordable brunch on Sundays (at least they did up until late last year ). The food was always good, the service 'inconsistent' at best. The restaurant also has a nice waterview.