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Feb 13, 2009 10:56 AM

Burger Joint, like Corner Bistro...but not Corner Bistro.

I'm craving a good burger tonight, but don't feel like dealing with Corner Bistro. Any suggestions? (Along the E or F train is a plus)

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  1. Corner Bistro's burger is of the big, thick patty kind. Burger Joint (the one in the Parker Meridian) is definitely not that type of burger -- it's more like a thin, fast food type.

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      I think the OP is asking for a place for burgers, not specifically the Burger Joint...

      Blue smoke on 27th and park isn't far from the F stop on 23rd or Herald Sq. - amazing burger. They keep aside tables for walk ins or I usually just eat at the bar.

      Stand is pretty good too, on 12th and University across from Strip House.

      1. re: ESNY

        Ah! I appears you are correct.

        I second Blue Smoke's thick, delicious burger. I believe they use the same meat as Shake Shack.

    2. Rare, in the Village is right near the West 4th Street Station.

      BLT Burger is near the 14th Street F Train Station

      1. 5 Napkin isn't quite as downscale as Corner Bistro, but it's big and juicy, and pretty convenient to the E (9th & 44th).

        1. I would highly recommend Zaitzeff on Ave. B btw 2nd and 3rd. Top-knotch burgers, excellent ingredients.

          1. I went to Corner Bistro not too long ago on a Friday evening around 6pm and got right in, ensconced myself at a small table and was chowing down in under 10 minutes. It was definitely bustling, but not crazy busy. Maybe I lucked out that night.

            Have you tried Paul's da Burger Joint on 2nd Ave near St. Mark's? It's a couple of storefronts from Pommes Frites. Really beefy, juicy burger. The American cheese is standard fare and the bun is just okay, but there was a ton a flavor in that patty.