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Feb 13, 2009 10:52 AM

Three nights in NO, narrowing it down...

Will be in NO for the French Quarter festival and is my first time since Katrina. I imagine we will eat some at the festival but perhaps lunch one day elsewhere.
Throwing around Cochan, August, Stella, Bayona, Luke. Help my pick the top three! Thanks.

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  1. Ate at August a few months ago. Outstanding. A must do.

    Luke, as a more casual bistro option, was excellent as well. Try the flammkuchen.

    1. In my opinion, French Quarter Fest is the best festival in town. Weather is perfect and plenty of good music and food. Enough room to move as well.

      I think jacques-imos is a great place for out-of-towners to try. A little out of the way down Oak St., but worth it. I can't eat there often because it is so rich and heavy, but twice a year it hits the spot.

      Get there early due to the long waits on the weekends, but put your name in and walk to the Maple Leaf bar two doors down and have some drinks.

      Love Luke and Bayona. Stella very good, but a bit too much of the pretty plate of food for my taste. Can't comment on Cochan or August.

      1. August is pretty damn excellent in my experience. The menu changes constantly so all my favorite stuff doesn't seem to be running right now - except the duck, which is tasty tasty tasty. Skip the P&J oysters 3 ways though - underwhelming.

        I also like Luke. The Chocroute Maison was rather revelatory for me: huge quantities of PIG (sausage, pork belly, knuckles, cochon, oh my) on a bed of sauerkraut with grainy, spicy mustard - lord have mercy. Will make your heart explode, possibly from joy.

        Cochon is a great choice for lunch or a casual/less expensive dinner. Do not miss that divine pineapple upside down cake, the oyster roast, or the rabbit n' dumplings. The red fish is well prepared but a bit boring so don't go there girlfriend/boyfriend.

        YES YES on the Leaf'. one of my favorite hangouts. the ambience is not exactly fancy but totally new orleans. i like just ambling in and seeing what stuff they've got going on.

        1. I would go with Luke and Cochon, with either Stella or August as my "fancy" meal for the trip. I have not been to Bayona in quite a while, so I can't recommned one way or the other.

          Here is a December report from Luke:

          We have some stuff from Cochon, August, and Stella on there as well. (But the pictures from Luke are probably the best). Check the labels on the lefthand side.

          Hope this helps. Thanks for coming to visit.

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          1. re: Bocuse NOLA

            Cochon isn't exactly fancy....I wouldn't put it in the same category as August or Stella or Bayona.

            1. re: Hungry Celeste

              I apologize, HC. I was not clear in my post.

              For his three meals, I was recommending that the OP dine at 1) Luke, 2) Cochon, and 3) either August or Stella. I agree with you that Cochon is not in the same category as Stella and August. Cochon is certainly not as formal. My grouping together of Cochon, Stella, and August was strictly related to my website.

              Sorry, I will try to be more clear next time.

          2. Stella isn't open for lunch. August lunch Fri. only.