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Feb 13, 2009 10:49 AM

I really wanted to like Mozza....

As an Italian... and even more specifically Neapolitan... I have been trying to reserve any criticism of Mozza until I could have the pleasure of dining their myself. As much as I wanted to dislike Mozza, there was also a part of me that wanted to like it. What better than a total outsider to the Italian culture and community (Nancy Silverton) opening up an "authentic" Pizzeria.
I really wanted it to be good... I wanted to be shocked... I wanted to tip my hat to the outsider, the American girl with curly hair that looks and acts so completely non Italian...
I knew I was in for a disappointment the minute I sat down to the bar and saw a pizza go by. It was not served on the traditional pizzeria style plate but what looked to be a salad plate. The pizza looked like a "Boboli" from the supermarket. Even so don't pass judgement until you have tried it.
We ordered the zucchini flowers, fried and stuffed with ricotta. They were not edible. So greasy they literally were a sponge of Olive oil. By the way, 4$ a flower...
Reading the menu for pizza, you see ingredients that were never meant on a pizza. That's fine but you saw combinations that just don't go. Sicilian ingredients mixed with Alpine with a touch of the Pianura. I love "Ortica" (stinging nettles). So I ordered the pizza with nettles and cacio.
Bad bad bad. It is hard to make a pizza almost inedible... but they did a really good job. It was an over leavened sponge dripping in olive oil. I could not believe it.
After eating very little pizza we ordered dessert. The highlight of the evening. Meno male, at least the ice cream removed the awful oily after taste that remained in my mouth.
What amazes me is that the restaurant is packed. Does Los Angeles really not understand Italian food to this level...?
All I can say is if you are looking for the Yuppy version of Chucky Cheese...don't let the novelty of interesting ingredients fool you... even Chucky Cheese has better pizza... and at least they are not pretending to be anything they're not... Nancy leave the Italian food to the Italians... Forza Italia, Forza Napoli

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  1. It's apparently la forza del destino for my native city, pizza-lost Los Angeles, but I hope the 'hounds who have never had pizza in Napoli or New Haven or Chicago will open their minds to your forceful report.

    1. "What better than a total outsider to the Italian culture and community (Nancy Silverton) opening up an "authentic" Pizzeria."

      Whether you liked it or not I don't think this was Silverton's purpose. I believe she wanted to make the best pizza she could in her style.

      1. Lambrusche- you are wrong - the place is very good...and looking at your past posts you seem to have a strange infatuation with random swipes at nancy silverton (music in her restaurant?, asking other chefs about her food?) -- so is there something else we should know?

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        1. re: radman123

          I am Italian and I take great pride in my culture... as I said part of me wanted to like it, and part of me resents it... pizza is a cultural identity for Neapolitans and we take great pride in it... but bad pizza is bad pizza

          1. re: radman123

            refresh my memory....but how can an opinion be wrong?

            1. re: radman123

              That's an ad hominem argument. If you address the detailed claims he makes, radman, all of us Mozza skeptics might learn something from you. -Another Italian

            2. "even Chucky Cheese has better pizza" C'mon! that's absurd. As a mom I have been to my share of kids parties there & the pizza is so very far from Neapolitan or Mozza.

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              1. re: dotrat

                Yeah, the Chuck E. Cheese comment killed any thoughts I had about taking this review seriously. If you prefer the giant mouse's house of pie, and that is closer to "true" enjoy that. For me I will continue to eat and enjoy the pizza at Mozza

              2. 1. Mozza isn't meant to be authentic Neapolitan and has never claimed to be. Even in Italy, you have different styles of pizza (neapolitan vs roman, etc).

                2. The hyperbolic comparisons to Boboli and Chucky Cheese are obviously a great exaggeration and show tredmendous bias.

                3. It is interesting to note that OP has previously bashed Mozza and Nancy Silverton prior to this first visit to P.Mozza.

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                1. re: Porthos

                  And again the place is not called, "Nancy Silverton's 'Authentic' Italian Pizzeria."

                  1. re: Porthos

                    For those that believe in conspiracy theory... bias...none... preconceived notions based on 40 years life experiences and passed encounters with Silverton's food at La Terza Tavolo Caldo nights...yes.
                    Past experiences aside, my criticism is on the food...
                    1) pizzas too small, too thick, over leavened, and very very oily
                    2) zucchini flowers oily, and grossly overpriced
                    3) poor/random combination of ingredients...
                    4) Overall grossly overpriced
                    That is not to suggest that she should be making traditional Italian pizzas, but in order to break the rules you have to understand the rules first...
                    I appreciate the fact that many enjoy this restaurant... I may be missing something, but what do you like??? What makes people rave about it??? So far no one has even addressed that...

                    1. re: lambrusche

                      Mozza blah.. I'm flying to Phoenix for my fix @ Pizzeria Bianco. Yum!!!!!!!! Silverton wishes that she can produce a pizza like Bianco. Good Luck....

                      1. re: Chez Coop

                        Why do people keep mentioning a Phoenix pizzeria on the LA board?

                      2. re: lambrusche

                        do a Mozza search on the board. ...there have been so many raves of this place.
                        This board should have a F'n "Secretary of Mozza" there's so much Mozza
                        action! I even read that we should go there to help Nancy get some her bad investment
                        capitol back!

                        1. re: DeePocketChopra

                          That damn capitol has been a bad investment ever since it was rebuilt after the British burned it to the ground!

                          1. re: DeePocketChopra

                            "there have been so many raves of this place"

                            My wicked brain can't avoid remembering:

                            "500 million flies can't be wrong, eat s***"

                            ( with all due respect to Ms. Silverton and her employer Batali )

                          2. re: lambrusche

                            "..poor/random combination of ingredients..."

                            What is a random combination? Is it one in which they just looked around the kitchen and whatever was there they put on the pizza? Or is that they place the ingredients on the pizza while looking at something else?

                            Plus I just reread your review, "I really wanted it to be good... I wanted to be shocked... I wanted to tip my hat to the outsider, the American girl with curly hair that looks and acts so completely non Italian."

                            What condescending drivel. American girl with curly hair? I think she's in her 50's. And she acts so completely non Italian? You will find that most of us Americans act very non-Italian. Guess what? It's because WE'RE NOT! Nor are we Greek or Spanish or...but a few of us are very good cooks.

                            1. re: The Old Man

                              Anyone who thinks Mozza is on the same level of pizza as Boboli or Chuck E Cheese isn't reliable in the matters of pizza period. Neopolitan or not.

                          3. re: Porthos

                            Don't forget Sicilian, which IMO is what Mozza most closely resembles.