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Feb 13, 2009 10:38 AM

Anyone tried Blvd 16 recently?

Has anyone tried Blvd 16 recently? (It's that semi-new place in the Palomar Hotel on Wilshire.) I'm trying to locate a good place to bring colleagues for dinner in the Westwood area...

Many thanks!

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  1. What is the priority -- geographical proximity, food, scene? Craft and Spago are just ten minutes east on Wilshire, and La Cachette is so civilized off Santa Monica Blvd. In the other directiion, you have Nook for excellent value and Orris for wonderful shared small plates but no reservations on Sawtelle. Closer to Westwood, 930 at the W Hotel has style and unpredictable food, while Napa Valley Grill, Tanino, Palomino, and Gardens on Glendon all have specific strengths and are close.

    I just don't read any discussion of Blvd. 16 on this board or hear any talk among my friends. Since its opening and initial write-ups almost a year ago, I have no idea whether it is fun and tasty or empty and depressing.

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      Thanks, this is helpful! Unfortunately proximity to UCLA is a priority, with food a close second and style a distant third. So 'empty but with great food' would be fine for us. I agree there seems to be almost no recent buzz (positive or negative) on the food @ Blvd 16...

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        OK, now I'm really confused. Blvd. 16 is probably technically in "Westwood" but it is not in the village adjacent to UCLA -- a few long blocks away. If you have activity on campus, do you or your guest have any connections so that you could eat at the Faculty Club? After that, it is a matter of preference: If you like "authentic" Italian and might be at all familiar with the Drago clan, Tanino is on the west side of Westwood Blvd. in the former Alice's Restaurant, a gorgeous place with tiled floors, a lot of history, and patio seating if it is warm. Napa Valley Grille is on the ground floor of the remodeled office building that used to have the Monty's on top -- both indoor and outdoor seating, and a fairly modern menu -- check their website, it has prices. If it was happy hour, I'd recommend Palomino for half-price appetizers and $5 brickoven pizzas. Gardens on Glendon is a bit hard to figure -- some oldtimers love it and have their favorite items. Tengu is a nice Japanese option, 930 at the W Hotel (the former Marquis, on Tiverton) is pricey and stylish, but I haven't been there recently enough to judge the food. Unfortunately, the most beautiful and historic building now houses a mediocre and expensive Japanese chain, Yamato, in the former Eurochow.

        I'll give you my recommendation -- If you like Thai, go to Thai House on the west side of Gayley across from the Whole Foods. Surprisingly nice place -- quiet, carpeted, real glasswear and plates, good service. The food will not knock your socks off, but it is solid, served in portions large enough to share, and priced about $10 for large stirfry or noodle dishes and $7 for starters, a couple of bucks more for seafood or duck. Be sure to start with the crispy mee krob, and I like their yellow curry as well. I've brought family and company there when doing something at UCLA or Westwood Village, and I end up feeling much more satisfied than at the others I've mentioned where your bill is going to end up twice or triple as high.

    2. I went there when it first opened. Had a fine meal. I recall thinking it was the smallest cheese plate I had ever seen but I also remember loving my side dish of farro. Have no plans on returning if the choice of restaurant is up to me but should I need to go there for a dinner I wouldn't be upset with the choice either.

      1. Last night, my wife and I treated ourselves to an overnight stay at the Hotel Palomar in Westwood. Cool, funky hotel with great customer service. The suites are especially nice.

        I always avoid going out on Vday; usually it's crowded, expensive, mediocre food and restaurants turn tables over as quickly as possible.

        However, at Blvd 16, the restaurant inside the hotel, they offered one of the best value prix fixe dinners I've seen in a long time.

        As you can see from the menu below, it wasn't trendy food; just straightforward classics composed of high quality ingredients and prepared with skill.

        Dinner last night has definitely peaked my interest and I intend to go back to try out the regular menu. BTW, corkage is $20.

        $85 per couple
        $125 per couple with wine pairings

        Great Pairs Last Forever ~ Valentine's Day Menu

        "I would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day by celebrating some great "couples" of cuisine. Simple ingredients that effortlessly complement one another and form a unique, one of a kind union that stands the test of time. I hope you enjoy our offerings today as much as you enjoy your company."
        ~Executive Chef Simon Dolinky

        Oysters and Champagne
        Totten inlet oysters with champagne gelée and blood orange
        Caviar and Blini
        American black caviar with ricotta lemon blini
        *Paired with Roederer Estate, l'Ermitage 2000 Champagne

        Poached Egg and Frisée Salad
        Truffle poached egg with frisée and bacon salad
        Asparagus and Prosciutto
        Roasted asparagus wrapped in prosciutto with dijon mustard
        *Paired with Calera, Mt Harlan 2006 Chardonnay

        Grilled Lobster with English Peas
        Maine lobster with pea ragout and mint
        Filet of Beef with Béarnaise Sauce
        Slow roasted Brandt's Beef filet with potato galette and seared spinach
        *Paired with Eroica Riesling Dr Loosen, Columbia Valley 2006

        Chocolate and Orange
        Chocolate and hazelnut terrine with rosemary tangerines and goat cheese ice cream
        Strawberries and Cream
        Panna cotta with basil and strawberries
        *Paired with Grahm's Fine Tawny Porto (replaced with a Muscat)

        1. A friend and I met for drinks and appetizers there a few weeks ago. We liked the food; although it is a pricey and fairly standard menu ---i.e. nothing you haven't sen before; just good ingredients prepared in a straightforward way.

          2 cautions: 1) Barely anything on the menu that appeals to a vegetarian and 2) Lighting is dim enough to be dark.

          *Fantastic cocktail menu; well-prepared
          *Our server was pleasant and professional.
          *The hotel has valet parking, or you can find free parking easily on one of the near-by sidestreets.

          Do report back, if you eat there.