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Feb 13, 2009 10:33 AM

Julia's Chicken Paprika - need sides

Need some inspiration for my Valentiine's meal for 2. I am making one of our favorites, Julia's Chicken with Paprika, onions and cream, which I thought would be appropriate for the day. I usually serve over rice and may do so, but any other ideas for a starch and a veggie? Thanks.

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  1. I usually serve it over egg noodles.... and don't need no stinkin veggies!!!!

    but perhaps just some simple wilted greens (spinach, mustard, etc)

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      Green beans amondine or roasted asparagus.

    2. My hugarian grandmother would serve it with tiny noodles. You can use egg pastina as a substitute. Brown them in butter or chicken fat (watch carefully), then add enough water to just be soaked up and cook the noodles. Not so much that you would need to drain excess water! Takes a bit of tinkering. For the vegetable, red cabbage -- grate red cabbage on a medium grater -- not tiny, not large. Braise it with some butter for a few minutes, then add salt and pepper, and cover to cook for 20 minutes or so. Before serving, add small amount (i.e. maybe 2 tablespoons for a whole small head of cabbage) of cider vinegar, and 1 tablespoon white sugar. Stir. Delicious!

      1. Chicken paprikash is traditionally served with spaetzle.

        1. Sorry for the late response, but Brussel Sprouts sound like they would be delicious with this!

          1. akp -- I would like to check out this recipe, as I'm making paprikash for the first time tomorrow night. Would you mind paraphrasing it if you get a minute? YUM. thanks.

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              I'm not akp, and this is late, but here's how my family makes it. Brown chicken pieces on all sides in a bit of butter. After browning, toss chicken with lots of good paprika. We use the sweet paprika. By lots, I mean 1.5 tablespoons for a small chicken, adding a tablespoon for each 2 lbs of additional chicken. Also salt and pepper. Stir so all chicken is coated. Add lots of chopped onion and chopped red pepper, i.e. for 4 lbs chicken, two large onions and three large peppers. No tomato! No water either -- the onions and pepper will create lots of juice. Put a tight lid on, and cook on a simmer for about 45 minutes or an hour (it longer, chicken starts to fall apart.) Fish out the chicken pieces and keep warm. If you have time, reduce the sauce somewhat, and taste for seasoning. When ready to serve, add a good amount of sour cream, i.e. 1 cup or so (full-fat is best, but low-fat will work). Do not let it boil, because the cream will separate. Return chicken to the sauce. Serve with egg barley or pastina, which I wrote about above. This keeps well if you make it the day before and don't add the cream until you are nearly ready to serve it. Enjoy!