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Feb 13, 2009 10:28 AM

Where to get Spanish Chorizo for a paella in Baltimore?

Hi there! Planning to make a paella for a Valentine's Day dinner party. Unfortunately, I don't know where to get a Spanish Chorizo! (I get wonderful Mexican chorizo from La Guadalupana for chili.) Could anyone please help?


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  1. I have found Palacios chorizo in a number of venues around Baltimore at various times, including Chesapeake Wine, Wine Source and Eddie's on N Charles. It's great stuff. Comes in mild and spicy, both are very tasty.

    1. I have found it at Shoppers grocery stores before.

      1. When you find a good hard and fermented chorizo let us know !

        1. welll this is a bit late... I get mine from In a pinch I use some of the usual mexican or Salvadorian chorizo and add a bit more smokey pimenton (la Chinata, also from La Tienda)

          1. Eddie's of Roland Park (the one on Charles Street) carried both Spanish chorizos in their specialty cheese case. The short and "soft" kind best for cooking as well as the long and hard kind to be sliced and eaten as tapas. The paella turned out delicious so thanks for pointing me in the right direction, Aubzamzam!