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Best Cassoulet in a friendly French Rest Please?

Can anyone point me to a nice (read friendly) french restaurant with a great cassoulet located in manhattan, preferably below 59th, I like benoit's but service there is always an issue for some reason.?

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  1. I haven't had their cassoulet, but there have been good reports about the one at Le Gigot, on Cornelia Street.

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      Friend had this at Le Gigot a couple of weeks ago. He said it was "very good, not great." It did not have the crust on top. The duck confit that I ordered was fabulous.

      Cassoulet at L'Absinthe was featured on Colameco's PBS show last week. Looked wonderful. Had crust. But the place got a rather poor report here recently ( service issues. )

    2. see if Raoul's has it still. It is a lot of food!

      1. The cassoulet at at the BYO French restaurant Le Sirene on Broome near Varick is very good.

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          Seconded. It's the best I've had in NYC. Cafe D'Alsace was a close second.

        2. cossette 33rd and 3rd. they don't always have it, so call ahead. But, it's very good.

          1. Honestly, I lived in Toulouse for a long while and the best cassoulet in Manhattan I think is Cafe D'Alsace - its on like, 81st and 2nd avenue? They have the best southern french food and it's always packed!

            Good luck!

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              Cafe d'Alsace is on the corner of 2nd Av. & 88th St.


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                I lived in Toulouse as well! I only ate cassoulet twice, though, as it was so filling that each time I had it, it sated my craving for the next 8 months or so. I agree...Cafe D'Alsace makes a good cassoulet.

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                  I also loved the cassoulet at Cafe D'Alsace -- absolutely delicious and a big portion too, perfect for this kind of weather. Oh, and I loved Toulouse! What a beautiful place.

                2. I really enjoyed the cassoulet I've had at Park Ave Bistro - Park btwn 26th and 27th

                  1. La Sirene. The cassoulet is terrific.

                    1. Jarnac does a very good one, and the atmosphere is very charming and the service excellent.

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                        I didn't like the one at Jarnac--I found it really bland.

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                          Jarnac closed awhile back-the chef just opened a new place (I can't comment on the cassoulet, but it's on the menu):


                      2. Your timing is perfect! February is Cassoulet month at Savoy!

                        1. have not been there in years, but la refuge used do a decent one

                          1. i enjoyed the cassoulet at Zucco, which is becoming one of my favorite restaurants in LES quickly...i pretty much eat here once a week now

                            here is my report:

                            1. I can't believe that La Luncheonette (18th and 10th Ave) has not been mentioned here yet!

                              I've spent countless summers in southwestern France and no cassoulet in the city parallels that of La Luncheonette's. The place is a neighborhood institution and they definitely know what's up if they bring you mustard upon placing it at your tableside- which they do- with a pretty smile on their face!

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                                I second the vote for La Luncheonette, but haven't sampled enough cassoulets across the city to know if theirs is the best. Very warm, inviting restaurant, always a pleasure to eat there.

                              2. Le Jardin on Cleveland Place between Kenmare amd Mulberry is very good and will not break your bank. Service is very friendly

                                1. If La Mangeoire is serving it (I'm not sure it's on the menu every day or perhaps once a week?) it is wonderful. Rich, authentic, completely satisfying in every way. And Christian Delouvrier is in the kitchen!

                                  1. Chez Napoleon, on west 50th.

                                    1. Is Les Halles too obvious? My boyfriend really enjoyed theirs, and I love the atmosphere and service.