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Feb 13, 2009 09:48 AM

Help! Good Restaurant near beverly Hills/ Hollywood

I need to take my really good (and picky) friends to a nice restaurant tonight. They made reservations through their hotel at Yamashiro's, but I have heard that the food is not good at all...since I am the "local" they asked to suggest a different place if I wanted.
Please help! I want a nice place- Money is not a problem!!!!

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  1. should we assume from the Yamashiro res that they want Japanese and/or sushi? or are they open to other cuisines?

    1. We are open to anything...I have been to Asia de Cuba, to Chaya (I like the one on Venice, don't know the one in BH), I also like a little place called Mirabelle's, husband suggested Mastro's...I need some guidance here, please!
      we just want a place with good food and elegant/trendy/chic but not stuffy...

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        Both Mastro's and Chaya Brasserie are solid ideas.

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          You could also go to Craft in Century City

        2. if money's no object, i'd definitely suggest Cut over Mastro's.

          or how about Spago? or Lucques?

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            Thanks! They are staying at the Reg Bev Wil- Cut is at their hotel, we will try Lucques, Spago had no reservations until 10pm...Thank you for your help!

            1. Stay away from Yamashiro at all cost... terrible.

              1. It's going to come down to where you might get a reservation! I prefer Mastro's over Cut, but given the restaurant is in their hotel, would you stand a chance of getting a reservation there a bit earlier?

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                  We know someone who can get us a reservation at Mastro's...thanks for the tip.