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Shoo Fly Pie...WHERE?

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Looking for this Amish specialty pie. The Amish markets I visit in NYC don't seem to sell it. And the gourmet stores don't seem to either.

Does anyone know where it is sold?

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  1. I did a find-a-food search on menupages - Rue B has it by the slice, and Ivy Bakery (in Brooklyn, shhh) sells whole pies.


    1. I don't know if the Rue-B is a tradiaitonal Amish version as their menu lists is as Alambama "shoo-fly" Pecan Pie.

      Ivy Bakery's site says that they do offer individual portions of some of their sweets at the store. Maybe worth a call.

      1. It is also sold at the Union Square farmers' market at the Amish vendor's stand.