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Feb 13, 2009 09:36 AM

I need mint chocolate chips!

I need to bake mint chocolate chip cookies and I don't know where to buy mint chocolate chips. I even called the Hershey's store in Times Square but to no avail.

Any advice? NY Cake Supply was equally as negative

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  1. Well, if you NEED them in chip form, I don't know but if you just bake in chocolate in chunks or swirls, you can buy fresh mint and infuse into the chocolate. Much better, anyhow.
    The "mint" flavor of most commercial products is not that similar to fresh mint flavor.

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      you could also crack peppermint candies and add to the batter, or use pure peppermint oil. careful, it's quite potent.

      mint chocolate chips are available, but taste very artificial.

      1. re: hotoynoodle

        peppermint extract will be a little less potent than peppermint oil.

        if you're set on using mint-flavored chips/chocolate, you could always chop up some Andes mints.

        the only places you'll find the actual chips will be candy or confectioner suppliers, and hotoynoodle is right, they taste really artificial.

      1. cakester, how soon do you need them? I may have a bag I can spare for a couple of bucks. I bought them in Central NY when I visited family. The Wal-Mart up there has Andes Candies baking chips and I usually stock up when I go.

        1. Cakster - As odd as it sounds we may be your best source, depending on the quantity(ies) needed, and/or how big of a hurry you are in. I own a business by the name of Bakers C & C, we specialize in wholesale chocolate, cake decorating and candy making supplies. Our website is; . You may note we carry the Guittard mint chocolate chips for substantially less than the two other sources you were kindly given. We ship all over the East coast quite a bit, and would love to set up a wholesale account for you (there are no purchase minimums (but substantial additional savings can be had for orders over 500lbs)). The product number of the Guittard product is 9702 (if you type that in the search box, it's likely the easiest).
          Hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised we often are very competitive, even with shipping costs with many sources on the East coast. Thanks! Hope that is of some help. - Oh one other note, with the heat wave you are currently experiencing, please note the shipping comment in the following link - May not work now, but would love for you to consider us in the future. The majority of our shipments ship FedEx ground, and they estimate 5 business days.

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            I know I'm finding this late but was looking for mint chips for my sister and feves for me and found your reply. We'll be orderig soon! Or maybe visiting in person.

          2. Trader Joe's sells "UFOs" that are flat discs the size of a quarter that are mint chocolate flavored. They taste great out of the freezer on their own but I bet they'd be good in baked goods too (you could chop them up so they're smaller). They sell them on the frozen aisle on the shelves with all of the other chocolates.

            Trader Joe's
            142 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003