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Feb 13, 2009 09:05 AM

Looking for great Greek

in Red Deer.

It's all Greek is not open until 4 pm and I need a lunch place.

Has one been here?

George's Pizza and Steak House

6718 Gaetz Ave
Red Deer

Phone: 403-342-1097
Fax: 403-314-1758

Or can anyone else suggest another alternative...maybe Saro's Greek Restaurant 4914-52 St. Red Deer???

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  1. I used to like Georges about 20 years ago for the pizza.They had other menu items but I
    never tried them as I was more interested in their pizza back then.They had A reputation
    for good food.I don't remember them as ever having Greek food,they currently advertise
    Italian and Western food.They fell off the radar years ago,I don't Know what they're
    like today.I do remember never hearing complaints about the food.

    1. Saro's was my favourite restaraunt years ago and spent more years in this position than
      any other restaraunt.Their sausage and onion pizza (no 9)was my all time favorite.
      I remember their Greek salad as the best I've ever had.They had one dish, Greek salad
      for two.It was a huge portion and came with two slices of garlic toast.It made an
      excellent and filling meal for a hungry teenager.I am forever indebted to them for
      introducing me to Greek food.The sausage pizza went dowhill many years ago but it
      wasn't their fault,the butcher they used quit making the sausage.I downgraded it
      from the best sausage pizza I've ever had to excellent.

      Unfortunatly Sorrentos and his wife are now retired and OUT of the picture.The last
      time I ate there (about 4 or 5 years ago) I was completely traumatized.The marinaded
      Greek salad that I loved so much was now dry with a thin line of dressing on top.I
      think it was a bottled dressing but I could be wrong,It might have been been a poorly
      made house dressing.The meal was a long time coming to but they needed the extra time
      to fully carbonize my souvlaki.This was the most burnt meat I have ever seen by a
      long shot.Unfortunatly they took so long with the meal that we had we had to eat fast
      and leave and there was no time to send it back.I lost half of it to crumbling off
      the burnt parts.The parts I ate were way overcooked.(I guess I saw that coming).Due
      to time constraints It was eat the meal or go hungry.After that experience I've
      never been back.I still do not understand how any chef or cook could even send out
      meat like that.Saro's is now dead to me.

      1. ouch... that's too bad.... so why are these resturants still open? Anyway, we didn't want to chance it so it was Las Palmeras which was ok. So I guess other than It's all Greek there's no other place for Greek. Thanks rdch !

        1. The gentleman I was with was also A Saros fan for many years.He was also less than impressed
          From what I've heard they've lost a lot of older customers.For younger people who
          haven't had Greek food before maybe the salad is acceptable.I still can't figure
          out the souvlaki.I hope they never served it that way to anyone else.I walk past
          there every once in a while in the evenings during supper and I've never seen them
          more than half full.I've also wondered how they stay in business.People I know
          think I should go back and give them a second chance but I see no point.They
          destroyed all my old favorites.From what I've experienced and from what I've heard
          I'm not the only one who has writter them off.
          They food back in Saros prime was comparable to what It's All Greek Me is like today.
          I've never had problems with them and the Food is always excellent.I also wish It's
          all Greek To Me was open for lunch.If you've never been there and Your ever in Red
          Deer for supper give them a try.They're an excellent restaraunt.

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            Well hopefuly they'll close or be forced to get their food up to par. If only people would refuse bad food or bad service there would be fewer bad resturants. Will have to try out IAG