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Feb 13, 2009 08:47 AM

Andu Andnothankyou

I'll be more careful this time:

My mother in law read the Herald yesterday and saw the article on Valentine's Day and came across the "Rose Petal Martini" being advertised in Andu. Being a fiend for all things rose, she invited us for drinks and dinner.

We had never been and this was the second time MIL petitioned. We made reservations, found out they would have a flamenco band (their descriptor) to celebratee their 1 year anniversary. When we arrived, there was a new bonus. a brand of cachaca, Molecco I believe, was promoting their drink. My wife got a free strawberry caipirinha, as did my mother in law (regular caipirinha). The gentleman in charged offered me one as well. here's where the wires start getting crossed. I take a sip of my caipirinha and am told mine's 2 for 1,not on the house. It was pretty good so we roll with it.

My MIL then orders her rose petal martini. Bartender looks smugly at us and says he's discontinuing it. We think he's joking, he insists. We say it just came out in the Herald, he says he's saving it up for Valentine's Day. We explain we won't be around then. He looks cockily at us and says that's too bad. Clearly, by this time I want to yank him by the ponytail into a overturned barstool. I finish my drink and ask him one last time, he says no and disappears. My father in law asks if he ran out of the ingredient. He gets peeved and tells us he'd never give us the recipe. We honestly thought this was a joke up until this point. I ask for the bill and of course find 20% gratuity tabbed on (four people, only two drinks charged). A big thanks to Frodnesor for turning me on to the fact that this is illegal so I cross it out and leave none. Let them try and charge me for it. We explained what happened to the hostess and left, only garnering a "that's too bad" and "oh I'm sorry" from her.

Personally, I cannot believe that a bartender lack common sense to that degree, not offer us an alternative, apologize and explain (lie) that they're only showcasing the specialty drinks featuring the cachaca, something. He's a capsule of everything wrong with the bar scene in Miami, and apparently the restaurant let's him think he's in charge. It's a beautiful space they have, but you could hear crickets when we arrived (8:30 ish). It's no wonder when you turn away potential patrons so easily.

One last note: (where I got in trouble with the mods last time) The Herald printed a recipe for the rose petal martini, I'm not sure if its Andu's or not, as my mother in law sent it via email. I'll probably be playing with it all weekend as it doesn't sound balanced (may be underestimating the champagne) but seems to use gin, rose syrup, triple sec and a dash of bitters, shaken, and topped with champagne. Hopefully I'll get it right and make my MIL happy.

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  1. Very surprising, as my (limited) experiences at Andu have been quite good. The manager there is a nice, earnest guy and my suspicion is that he had no idea this was happening. Next time ask for a manager, as the bartender obviously was a jerk and was not going to do anything to fix the situation (which was his own creation).

    As for the gratuity - there is nothing illegal about adding gratuity to a bill. The only requirement is that you have to say so if you are doing so. More info here ->
    Indeed, I don't think there would be anything illegal about adding a mandatory gratuity provided that it's stated on the menu and the bill. However, most places add a "suggested" gratuity which you are free to adjust as you see fit.

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      sorry, I didn't want to extend my rant any further. There was no forwarning about the gratuity. Also, I believe my MIL or FIL planned on calling a manager today, we just didn't feel like wasting anymore time prior to dinner. We ended up in Michael's Genuine, so it all turned out ok. I'd say it was a down night for them foodwise, but the food was still quite good, as were the drinks.

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        1. HAHAHA get that clown ish outta here!

          My only experience with Andu was showing up for a Sunday brunch and having the restaurant be closed with no notice. Anyone had brunch there before?