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Feb 13, 2009 08:35 AM

Favorite Lobster Recipe

Now I make lobster a variety of ways, my date actually on Sunday night (working Sat) wanted lobster, and he is not very adventurous. I could come up with a lot of recipes, but honestly my favorite is steamed and then broiled just for a minute with butter. I'm a lobster purist I guess. Personally I like it without a lot of sauce or a lot of other ingredients, but since I don't make it other than my favorite way very often I thought I would ask for some ideas or suggestions.

With dinner...

I am also making a couple of small skewers of filet mignon that has been marinating in a simple herbs, evoo and garlic. Very clean flavors and I have a horshradish dip on the side.

Also one of my favorite dishes. My pan creamed potatoes with sauteed spinach with onion. Nice tender diced potatos almost to the mashing point with cream, add spinach, shallots, seasoning and slightly mash but not all the way.

My desert of fresh roasted figs with gorgonzola, walnuts, topped with a raspberry puree and then topped with a spicy honey, glazed walnuts and a sugared raspberry. It is my version of figs stuffed with blue cheese. It really is yummy.

So Ideas guys?

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  1. I like lobster served whole but out of the shell (lazy). I've had large pieces poached in butter, if you like butter with it, several local upscale restaurants have been offering it that way recently.
    Actually my favorite ways to serve lobster probably wouldn't fit with your menu: lobster roll (maybe do little sliders?), lobster pot pie, and lobster newburg if you want to serve in the shell.

    1. In the Noreast, most prefer the simplest method, steamed with drawn butter, which shows off the sweet, delicate flavor of the Maine lobstas.

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        that is my fave, I was just curious. I love lobster as lobster but my date wanted something different ...

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          How about a lobsta fest with steamed lobsta and drawn butter, lobsta spring rolls, lobsta risotto and/or lobsta mac and cheese?

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            Just 2 of us :) I do like mac and cheese with lobster ... make that on occasion with leftovers with I do lobster pots. A favorite of mine.

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              One last thought, Seafood Sausage with Poached Lobster on top with a light tomato, wine cream sauce.

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                I like the idea ... my date or friend ... NO way, not that adventurous

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                  Probably way toooo heavy with the other things you're serving but Jasper White has a wonderful Baked Stuffed Lobster recipe stuffed with an incredible seafood stuffing (scallops, crab and shrimp), I made the stuffing with scallops and shrimp (no crab) and I had leftovers of the stuffing which I threw in the freezer and I use in rolled up filet of sole.

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                    I am sure it is very good. I hate to mask the taste of the lobster with anything stuffed. Tried it once and it was good ... but not a favorite but always like to revisit old recipes I haven't done recently. I do love the filet of sole. I do one with flounder and a crab and shrimp dressing, yummmmm. I simple white wine sauce with a hint a lemon and thyme. Can't get much better.

      2. I grew up in New England having steamed lobsters with butter, the usual. Then we had lobster newburg the next night if there was any left. It wasn't until I went to college that I found out that lobster newburg was not typically viewed as "leftovers"!
        I absolutely love a lobster salad sandwich (has to be on Pepperidge Farm white bread) or lobster roll, but I had some lobster sauteed in butter once that I think was the best lobster I have ever had. It made the lobster with butter norm alot more fancy.
        My mom made a macaroni and cheese once with lobster that she was trying to reproduce form a restaurant meal. It was great.
        We also did a lobster newburg type base in individual casserole dishes with puff pastry on top...like a fancy pot pie.
        I am so craving lobster right now, but alas, I'm in California and it's just not the same.

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          I make a lobster, similar to a newburg, but lighter with a vermicelli. It is pretty good. I love lobster so natural it is hard. I just haven't made it in a while very different so I wanted people to stir my memory ...

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            I recently made lobster newburg (http://whatsonmyplate.wordpress.com/2...) for the first time and LOVED it. I was craving lobster but didn't want to just go with a whole lobster. It was a really great and rich meal.


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              Rich it is but great! A new fave I take it.

              1. re: kchurchill5

                Definitely a new fave! And so easy to make!

          2. I make a killer mac & cheese using Oka and Dubliner cheeses AND you guessed it people, lobster.

            I also love having a lobster roll on hot summer days.

            1. As like the others, my favorite way to eat lobster is simply steamed with drawn butter....Maine Lobsters of course......Frozen Lobster Tails are never ordered.

              Two of my favorite Lobster dishes are:

              First Chinese Style, split and cut open into separate pieces, seasoned and covered with julienne slivers of Green Onions and Fresh Ginger.......steamed on a plate in a wok and finished off with a dousing of very hot oil to sizzle up the aromatics....clean and fresh tasting....

              Second is a Summer Lobster Salad with a Citrus Vinaigrette...

              Shelled Maine Lobster, head, claws and tail cracked and split for presentation with the following fresh produce...whatever is available and julienne cut when possible

              Red and Yellow Pepper
              Fresh Green Peas
              Sugar Snap or Snow Pea Pods
              Green Onions or Shallots
              Radicchio and Endive
              Blood Orange, Clementine or Tangerine sections

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              1. re: fourunder

                Chineese lobster in black bean sauce. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

                1. re: bigfellow

                  Ah, a real lobster aficionado.....

                  How about the old days when Lobster Cantonese was prepared with real Lobster Sauce, i.e., with a whole whisked egg and ground pork, not just a silly egg white and frozen peas?

                2. re: fourunder

                  That green onion and ginger preparation sounds so delicious! I scored two lobster tails this afternoon on sale for $10 each and after reading your post, I'm really tempted to try it your way!