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Steak and WHAT?

I got some of those gorgeous prime grade NY strip steaks at Costco, plan to rub with olive oil, garlic, then grill to rare perfection. But I so rarely eat steak, don't have a clue what potato dish would go best. Scalloped too rich? Boiled too boring? How do you make the perfect baked potato (what type, what prep, how long at what temp, what additions)? What green vegetable dish would go well?

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      Was just going to chime in with creamed spinach--perfect! But I'd pick one rich dish and make the other a bit lighter. If you're going to do a rich potato (baked/stuffed or scallopped), maybe prepare the spinach simply--sauteed with garlic and oil. If you like the creamed spinach idea, how 'bout simply sliced/roasted new potatoes with olive oil, S&P and rosemary? I never get tired of these potatoes. And if you wanted to add a little richness, you could melt a little cheese and drizzle it over the top.

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        Continuing this line of thinking: I thought sauteed kale (with garlic, of course) would be a nice accompaniment.

    2. One of my favorite & easy potato dishes is to get red potatoes about the size of an egg, cut into long quarters, toss with olive oil, dijon mustard, S&P, and minced fresh rosemary. put on a baking sheet or shallow roasting pan and roast until tender through and golden at 375, stirring a couple of times to get evenly browned.

      1. Hmm. I say baked and asparagus. I use red potatoes. I cut them in half length-wise, but not all the way through. I then microwave (yes, microwave) them for a few minutes until they are just soft. Then I rub with olive oil, wrap in tin foil and throw them on the bbq with the steaks. Leave them on while the steaks are cooking and while the meat is resting. They should be beatifully cooked inside with a bit of a crispy skin outside. Serve with sour cream and chopped scallions.

        1. Microwave 2 small baking potatoes until a little cooked, but firm. Peel and slice and toss with olive oil. Place on a hot grill until done, turning once. Immediately toss with cooked crumbled bacon, minced scallions, crumbled blue cheese and a light vinaigrette dressing, salt and pepper. Super-yum with steaks!

          1. Some creamy polenta with peas would be ideal to me. The buttery polenta will soak up some of those steak juices and be a nice change from the ubiquitous potato.

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              Polenta is a fantastic idea. No peas for me, but lots and lots of creamy polenta works.

              I would make a fresh spinach salad with bacon, hearts of palm, hard boiled eggs, capers, beets, dressed lightly. And bread. Hard, crusty bread with butter.

            2. I would go with twice baked potatoes, I like the recipe on http://www.thepioneerwoman.com
              and a simple sauteed spinach or steamed broccoli

              1. How about a "potato slaw"?

                Julienne the potato into long thin strips, then combine a mixture of red wine vinegar, EVOO, honey, lime juice, dijon mustard, salt and pepper, and then toss the dressing with the potato strips. Let it marinade overnight. Serve chilled.

                1. Wash potatoes as early as you can so they are as dry as possible; cut for maximum-skin exposure; put on baking sheet and sprinkle with a little bit of good olive oil and a lot of kosher salt; combine well with hands. Bake at 425, until brown and crispy.

                  1. These potatoes will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF! YaYa's potatoes: http://www.buffchickpea.com/2009/01/y...

                    I made them after seeing the photo, and they are soooo good!

                    I also LOVE caramelized brussels sprouts with balsamic vinegar. Basically, you heat evoo in a pan. Add halved sprouts, cut side down. Saute until they get nice and brown. S&P. Add a splash of chicken stock and allow the liquid to steam the sprouts so that they are cooked through, but still al dente. Most of the liquid should evaporate. Add about 2 tbsp of your favorite balsamic (I love to use pomegranite balsamic) and mount 1-2 tbsp of butter to finish.
                    You will never look at brussel sprouts the same way again!

                    1. I made these two sides last Saturday night to go with a 3 inch porterhouse.
                      Potatos w/ hot cherry peppers and creamed spinach made with a bechamel. Boil your red potatoes until tender( i like to do this a few hours before hand) peel than dry very well and put them in the fridge. Make your bechamel sauce(flour, butter, whole milk, s/p nutmeg and a touch of hot sauce) and place that on the side. Half hour or so before you're ready to eat, heat some fat over a med flame(i like bacon grease) in a saute pan(i use carbon steel) and add you cut up potatoes. Flip a few times and cook for 10 minutes or so, have one cut up onion and some hot cherry peppers(depending on how spicy you like it) and mix that in, tossing a few times w/ a little s/p. After another 10 minutes or add a little heavy cream and turn the flame up to med-high and press the potatoes into the pan. Make certain you keep the potatoes moving so they dont stick. When the cream is all gone, and theres a crust on the potatoes, you're ready.
                      As for the spinach, add a little butter in a saute pan, and add a little chopped red onion. saute for a few minutes over a medium flame. Then add your spinach( i use frozen thats totally dry) and saute for a minute or two. Then add your bechamel sauce and keep to stirring over med heat until heated thru, 5 minutes or so.
                      The spicyness of the potatoes v the richness of the spinach is great texture paradox.

                      1. Stir fried brussel sprouts with lots of garlic, butter and bacon! We're having steaks tomorrow and we're going to have it with brussel sprouts, oven roasted tomatoes and smashed potatoes.

                        1. I am a firm believer in the KISS principle, so: A simple steak & frites. To that I would add a flavoured mayo from scratch. Maybe a curried mayo or a spicey mayo.

                          1. I love to make blue cheese scalloped potatoes to accompany steak, or simple small potatoes roasted in olive oil with salt, pepper, and garlic.
                            As for green vegetables, if I can find them my first choice is always haricot verts, simply sauteed with a pinch of crushed red pepper, and finished with lemon juice & salt.
                            For grilled beef I love to make roasted grape tomatoes with parsley as an accompaniment.

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                              I like sauteed onions and mushrooms on the side with my steak. The carbs in potatoes are an awful lot of empty calories.

                              Once I get the steak in the hot cast iron, I start slicing the mushrooms and tossing them in. If the pan's hot enough, the rendering juices evaporate before getting to the steak. Next slice up the onions, and toss them in on top of the mushrooms. By about this point, the hot sear phase of cooking the steak is pretty much done, so I turn down the flame to let it warm through, and then mix up the onions and mushrooms so the onions start to cook. The onions are typically starting to caramelize by the time the steak is ready, or if the onions are taking a while, I remove the steak to a pre-warmed plate to rest and finish heating through without overcooking. A glug of brandy to deglaze the pan, and it's a one-dish meal that practically cleans up after itself.

                            2. roasted potatoes with olive oil, s&p, maybe some rosemary - then toss with blue cheese and chives when they are done.

                              prochutto wrapped asparagus. or just roasted asparagus with little parm at the end.

                              1. Great post for me as I just bought the same steaks and on here looking for sides!

                                1. someone recently posted on another thread about Eggs Benedict a great recipe for smashed potatoes - look fantastic, I can't wait to make them and be excellent with a steak. They look gorgeous: