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Feb 13, 2009 07:57 AM

MSP- Hell's Kitchen - What to order

Have breakfast reservations for noon on Sunday. I've heard the corned beef hash is good. What else can be recommended?

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  1. One must get the bison bread to start IMO. My favorites are the lemon-ricotta pancakes.

    Other winners: Porridge, daily Benedict (last time we were there it was lobster), the specials, and the pecan roll. The All American is the same as it is anywhere (but with better bacon), so I'd steer clear. Great coffee. Good bloodies.

    1. After many lunches that didn't measure up to expectations, I tried the Huevos Rancheros on a recommendation and thought it was fantastic!

      1. Porridge... must get porridge. Would drive all the way from Oklahoma for porridge...!

          1. We are going tonight for dinner. How about some Dinner recommendations?

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              I don't know how similar the menus are for HK Duluth and HK Mpls, but I've had dinner at the HK in Duluth. It was pretty good compared to the other options in Canal Park in Duluth, but it wasn't exceptional by Twin Cities standards. I think breakfast is what HK does best, at least in Duluth. I think HK Mpls does a great breakfast, too.

              Anyway, refer to this post (sorry, it's absurdly long, but I wanted to keep everything in one place) to see my comments about what we tried for dinner at HK Duluth, if you think it's comparable enough for your purposes. I posted some HK pictures in the same thread.


              Have fun! Please report back with what you tried and what you thought!

              Thank you!