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MSP- Hell's Kitchen - What to order

Have breakfast reservations for noon on Sunday. I've heard the corned beef hash is good. What else can be recommended?

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  1. One must get the bison bread to start IMO. My favorites are the lemon-ricotta pancakes.

    Other winners: Porridge, daily Benedict (last time we were there it was lobster), the specials, and the pecan roll. The All American is the same as it is anywhere (but with better bacon), so I'd steer clear. Great coffee. Good bloodies.

    1. After many lunches that didn't measure up to expectations, I tried the Huevos Rancheros on a recommendation and thought it was fantastic!

      1. Porridge... must get porridge. Would drive all the way from Oklahoma for porridge...!

          1. We are going tonight for dinner. How about some Dinner recommendations?

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              I don't know how similar the menus are for HK Duluth and HK Mpls, but I've had dinner at the HK in Duluth. It was pretty good compared to the other options in Canal Park in Duluth, but it wasn't exceptional by Twin Cities standards. I think breakfast is what HK does best, at least in Duluth. I think HK Mpls does a great breakfast, too.

              Anyway, refer to this post (sorry, it's absurdly long, but I wanted to keep everything in one place) to see my comments about what we tried for dinner at HK Duluth, if you think it's comparable enough for your purposes. I posted some HK pictures in the same thread.


              Have fun! Please report back with what you tried and what you thought!

              Thank you!


              1. I love the Huevos Rancheros. It could get monotonous, but they add tiny bits of pineapple that lend acidity to cut the delicious greasiness. Yum! I hardly ever order anything else when I go there. And though I don't like sweet stuff for breakfast, their lemon ricotta pancakes are so light and fluffy that I could eat them for days. The portabella benedict was just alright. Don't forget to try the homemade peanut butter even if you have nothing to put it on.

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                  All good suggestions mmmmmmmmmmpls, except that I wouldn't characterize the lemon ricotta pancakes as "light". They are fantastic, indeed, but exceedingly rich. (As is the wild rice porridge that MSPD recommended above. A cup is plenty for me.) I always have to order to share as I cannot eat an order by myself.

                  RE: the peanut butter. Is is possible to order just the peanut butter, but no toast to put it on? I always though you had to order the toast to get the wonderful PB.


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                    Reporting back: Beautiful space, we sidled up to the bar which was incredibly busy for 11:45am. We ordered mimosas and Guinness. The mimosas were great, they had a nice slushy quality.
                    We were seated promptly at noon per our reservation, service was fantastic. We ordered toasted sausage bread and porridge to share, both were excellent, particularly the porridge. Super rich, though. Coffee was superb, I'm a cream and sugar guy and it didn't need it.
                    Peanut butter came out for free (along with two marmalades/jams), and it seemed to be on every table so I don't think you need to order toast. Best peanut butter I've ever had, I tried to convince my gf to pack the rest of it in her to-go box along with the leftovers, but to no avail.
                    I ordered the Huevos Rancheros which were great, I loved the flour tortilla and pineapple bits, clever addition. Also ordered among us were the Lemon Ricotta pancakes, which I liked quite a bit (I've got the leftovers for lunch today, we'll see how they stand up); the Classic All American Breakfast with bison sausage, which I didn't get to try but was reportedly good; and the Bison burger with sweet potato fries which looked delicious.

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                      The peanut butter & jams came to your table because you ordered the sausage bread, or at least that's what I gathered from the note in that section of the menu.

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                      I can't take credit for that recommendation!

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                        Oh, whoops! I meant DLAOKC, who recommended the porridge.

                        Thanks for the report back, salvage7!


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                          Make sure you try the hot chocolate there. By far the best I ever had! (I assume the HKs in DLH and MSP use the same recipe)

                  2. Slightly off topic from your brunch request, but I stopped at HK Mpls for Happy Hour yesterday and was really impressed with the inexpensive food AND drinks selection. Their HH menu also includes non-alcoholic cocktails for $3.50 during Happy Hour. Our bartender was great and we were able to get seats at the bar right away, although the weather may have driven some downtown workers home earlier than a normal Friday.

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                      the lemon Ricotta pancakes are out of this world

                    2. Didn't know they had a daily benedict, but when I was there I had the peppered bison flank steak benedict with tangerine-jalapeno hollandaise and it was delicious!

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                        Just had the Soft shell crab Po Boy. I was dissapointed. I haven't had many Po Boy's but it is my understanding the bread should be crisp on th outside and soft in the inside. Their version was just soft. Not overwhelmed especially with the $15 price. To be fair this was my first bad experience at Hell's Kitchen.

                      2. Mahnomin (sp?) porridge
                        Lemon-ricotta hotcakes
                        Huevos Rancheros

                        I dream of these things...

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                          I weep for Hell's Kitchen! I went to the new space for the first time yesterday, and although I was impressed by the decor and the service, the food was bad. Both my favorites, Mahnomin porridge and the peanut butter were watered down, the former literally and the latter ... Well, I don't really have the words. One of the world's best peanut butter concoctions has been turned into peanut butter that tastes grainy with some sugar thrown in. Sigh.

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                            Strange. We've been to the new space three times now and it's been great every time.

                            1. re: Jordan

                              Maybe I should give it another try!

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                                For the HK Peanut Butter cravers, I believe they sell it in jars at the restaurant,
                                saw them on a shelf.

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                                  They do sell --even ship--the PB, also, hot chocolate, coffee, mustard, ketchup, and bison bread, http://www.hellskitcheninc.com/hellsk... I suppose it wouidn't be any good to buy jars of the PB if you think they've changed the recipe... I've been to the new location and thought it was all pretty good, still. I did tried the PB and did think it was sweeter than I remember, but that's just one datapoint. It had been awhile since I'd been.


                            2. re: Dairy King

                              I don't know what the peanut butter used to taste like, but it definitely didn't live up to teh hype either time I went to the new location (never went to old one).