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Apr 9, 2004 05:37 PM

Sushi quest in the Inland Empire? Is there any hope?

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Where can I find good sushi? I'm staying with a friend in San Bernardino and I'm willing to travel a little bit but we'd prefer to stay in the general Inland Empire area.

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  1. i've had a few non-sushi items at Tokyo Tokyo at the Ontario Mills area (shopping center across the street from the mall) - and the bar was packed - the fish looked good and fresh. You might want to take a chance over there. Sorry I cannot provide any personal testimonials but I DID want to try their sushi.

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      tokyo tokyo is my recommendation - i haven't seen him recently as ontario is a bit of drive from pasadena but i've known the head chef for about 10 years & i have an informal omakase (chef's choice) understanding with him whenever i visit. i suggest asking for a seat at the bar in front of thomas, & you can go as far as to tell thomas that barry from pasadena says hi. i suggest that you ask him to recommend things. he'll probably ask a few questions to gauge what kind of things you are most likely to appreciate & i think you'll be pretty pleased. thomas is actually taiwanese but speaks fluent japanese & was trained in japan. if you ask for anything you should try the salmon belly tataki with yuzu kosho.

    2. Don't be scared off by the name, but Ken's is great. It is a tiny mom & pop (Ken is the owner and sushi chef) and the food and service are very good.

      Ken's Japanese Restaurant
      (909) 989-3019
      10006 Foothill Blvd
      Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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        Tokyo restaurant in Redlands. Order sushi at the bar, not the restaurant part. Get the sushi guy who looks a bit older, talks more, I think his name is something like Kiyo. Give him a tip as he makes your food and he'll get you the best parts of the fish- cheek and belly. His prices are good, too. Sushi tastes as good as it does in Japan, or the $15 for a small roll, high-end places in the US

      2. Actually Redlands has half a dozen Japanese/Sushi restaurants. The following I've eaten at and thought were pretty good.

        Ocean Blue Sushi
        347 Orange St, Redlands, CA
        (909) 793-5998

        Hello Sushi
        1630 W Redlands Blvd # G, Redlands, CA
        (909) 335-8677

        Sachi Japanese Cuisine
        474 Orange Street, Redlands, CA
        (909) 798-3359

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          all of those are Korean owned and produce american sushi.
          Super Sushi on Barton road is good and actually Japanese owned. But there are no Sassabune's or Mori's out here!!!

          Usually Miguel at Sayaka in Colton does a great job with what he has to work with. He adds his Mexican influence to the American sushi. Great spicy tako sushi.

        2. JOE'S SUSHI !!!

          This is a good, fun sushi place in Riverside. Probably not considered high brow for you snobby types lol. They feature all you can eat sushi made fresh to order. Johnny is the fun chef and the Johnny's special cut roll is yummy.

          9555 Magnolia Ave.
          Riverside, CA 92503

          Tel. 951.353.1929

          1. A new, and for my money, excellent sushi place is Sushi Umi on the northwest corner of Benson and Foothill in Upland. Good service, good prices and great service. It's in the little strip mall west of the gas station/carwash. They have a good selection of premium sakes if you're into that sort of thing. Priced between $7 and $15 for most dishes. sushio and regular Japanese dining. The nabeyaki is pretty good, as are the gyoza.