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Feb 13, 2009 07:18 AM

Busy Bee Restaurant in Brookline

I drive by this place all the time. Is it any good? Just from it's appearance it has the qualities of a "hidden gem". I like their neon sign that says "For a meal or a snack".


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  1. Meh, it gives great value for your buck but the food is very very average yet decent diner fare. There's better out there. I'd give it pass unless you're a hungry poor college kid more interested in quantity than quality.

    1. Boy, this makes me nostalgic! My husband and I used to go there a lot when we were first dating. Very straight-forward diner food. Great fries, especially if you ask them to make them extra crispy, good eggs, etc. The restaurant is run by a Greek family and the waitresses are old school. There's a lot of yelling back and forth, and you usually get called "Hon."

      1. Not a great diner in terms of the food -- it's in that great middle ground that's not terrible but not worth going out of your way for. (Diners that are: Auntie B's in West Roxbury, Deluxe Town in Watertown). I don't live near it anymore, but from the time I did, I mostly remember its color: the staff bickering, always turned up to 11, like primal-scream marriage therapy that just didn't care that 50 strangers were always eavesdropping; the elderly gentleman regular who for some reason favored black leather miniskirts but otherwise dressed normally; the neon sign that at first glance read "A snackorama", but on second glance read properly as "A snack or a meal" -- we stuck with the first impression and always referred to the place as The Snack-o-rama.

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          "That great middle ground" is exactly right - it's decent, solid diner food but definitely NOT a "hidden gem." And that primal-scream marriage therapy? There are some board stalwarts around here who think it's a total hoot, a free floor show with your meal. Me, I don't enjoy being around people who are shrieking at each other, and found that it jangled my nerves and gave me knots in my stomach, so that a middling meal was utterly ruined. No thank you.

          1. re: MC Slim JB

            We just had breakfast there and it is as colorful as ever but the owners have mellowed out .The eggs were perfect, the toast was stale (they have that old cardboard stuff), and they are happy to sub fresh tomato for home fries, which are hit or miss. The whole place was having a lively discussion about the merits of spending money for Valentine's Day and Peter wasn't screaming at anyone. When we lived on the other side of town we frequented Auntie Bee's and the toast and home fries were better but Busy Bee does a better job with eggs and service IMHO.