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Feb 13, 2009 07:15 AM

Best chili in southern Texas?

Hi everyone,

I'm coming to Texas (mainly Austin / San Antonio area) from the UK in a few weeks' time and have been reading that Texas is the home of chili con carne. So... does anyone have any recommendations for the best bowl of chili in this part of the state? I'm desperate to try it!

Thanks for all your help.


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  1. Can't go wrong with the Texas Chili Parlor in Austin. Something of a dive, but that's part of the fun. It's a legend in these parts, pardner.


    Although I should add that if you're going to be in "mainly Austin/San Antonio area," that's not considered "southern Texas." It's Central Texas.

    No big deal, but if you're asking folks for information and advice, it might be a litle less confusing. Texas is a very big place, and "southern Texas" is generally considered to be an entirely different region than the one you're visiting.

    1. Here's a thread on the Austin board about chili:


      There are hounds on that board who are very knowledgeable about SA too.

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        Great! Thank you, both - and for the clarification about southern vs central Texas.