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Feb 13, 2009 07:14 AM

Le Lab

Tried Le Lab last night for 5 a 7 cocktails and I would like to recommend it for the a-ma-zing cocktails they served us. Unfortunately, the place was empty (apart from our own group of 10 or so people) but the space is very nice and inviting. I had a Cucumis Fizz cocktail made from vodka, cucumbers, mint and I am forgetting what else. It was divine. I will definitely be back to try different mixes. I also tasted my friends strawberry/balsamic drink and it was delicious. The service was nice and friendly. I highly recommend the place.

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  1. Speaking of cocktails, I went once this summer to La Distillerie, had a pretty amazing Mojitos there ! Any other (downtown?) places that serve really good cocktails and finger food?