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Feb 13, 2009 07:03 AM

MSP: Valentine's day breakfast hash

First posting attempt didn't work, a pox on poorly implemented technology! Abbr. version:

Hash on the menu
Spacious, quiet setting
Semi-romantic and not too formal
Breakfast preferred to brunch

Comments on jay's cafe, town talk diner, colossal cafe, others?

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  1. Try Grand Bakery - nice neighborhood feel. Might have to reserve tho, it gets busy. Of course, there is always Lucia's - check her website for menu.

    1. I know the Modern Cafe is well-known for their hash. Definitely not too formal, but I don't really know how semi-romantic it is... or how quiet on V-Day morning.

      1. I don't recall hash on the regular menu at Colossal Cafe. It's not a place to linger on a Saturday morning -- too many people are lined up waiting for the few tables to give it a spacious or romantic feel.

        I recall Town Talk Diner as VERY loud and VERY cramped. It may be quieter in the brunch hour, but it's unlikely they move the tables further apart. From the website -- hash yes, breakfast instead of brunch no.

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          Town Talk has a great brunch. It's not very crowded or loud at brunchtime.

        2. I like the oxtail hash at Blackbird a lot...