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Feb 13, 2009 06:38 AM

Looking for recs: KS I-70, NE I-80 corridors

I'm going to be doing a road trip from Denver to Omaha and back, via Scottsbluff and Wichita, this spring. I'd love recommendations for breakfast/lunch/dinner anywhere along the route.

Also, if anybody has a greak bakery recommendation for Omaha, I'd love to hear it. I'll need to pick up a hostess gift or two and don't want to screw up. Thanks!

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  1. Bakeries:
    Delice--in the Old Market
    1206 Howard St .
    Omaha, NE 68102

    Lithuanian Bakery, Inc.
    5217 South 33rd Avenue
    Omaha, NE, 681O7

    It has been awhile since I've been to either, but last I knew
    they were both excellent--Delice tends to be a bit pricier

    Other great restaurants in Omaha
    La Buvette is my all time favorite. It's a small place in the old market, part wineshop, part cafe, but they vary their menu nicely with the seasons and do everything well. It's also a really lovely spot, exposed brick, and if its warm enough a little patio seating.
    Absolutely Fresh is part fish market, but with an adjoining restaurant. Great mussels (usually, I did have a sub-par batch once), fish tacos, fillets etc.. The best bloody mary I've ever had.
    M's Pub--also in the old market and much old brick! It is also nice, because it is one of the few places that doesn't opperate on a very midwestern time table (of closing by 10). They actually serve their full menu until midnight.
    I eat a lot. Is there anything particular that you're interested in?

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    1. re: aguacate

      Gotta agree with you on all of your recs- especially M's Pub. I used to work late and it was awesome to run down the street and get great food at 11 p.m.

      Another great bakery is Gerda's Restaraunt & Bakery located near 52nd and Leavenworth. Delicious home-made German pastries and their food is scrumptious as well.

      1. re: nimeye

        Thanks Aguacate and Nimeye! Those sound like great places. And thanks for the bakery recs, too.

        I'll eat just about anything, but I'm always interested in local specialties. So I guess that's probably beef and German/Central-to-Eastern European chow on this trip, although my only real requirement is good food. Also, there's a strong possibility that at least one dinner in Omaha will have to be kid-friendly (my hosts have a 3yo) but I'd really rather eat at a real restaurant, not a "family" joint. Any further words of wisdom?

        1. re: northgs

          My experience in Omaha a couple of weeks ago. There were kids at all these places except Sage Bistro. Jam's was my favorite commercial restaurant. Sage was a unique experience and we will definitely go back there if we can.

      2. re: aguacate

        La Buvette is fantastic - I ate there last summer and it felt like I was back in Paris - the food, the wine, the ambiance - very romantic.

        Cannot wait to try the Lithuanian Bakery - hard to find Baltic food. Any ideas about the hours? I travel from KC to Sioux City for business and would like to make a stop.

        1. re: SFLisa

          according to their website:

          Business Hours
          Monday - Friday: 10AM - 5PM
          Saturday: 8:30AM - 4:30PM
          Sunday: Closed

      3. What's your route from Omaha to Wichita?

        1. There is a fabulous little bakery off I-35, east of Emporia. The European BakeShop in Hartford. A local man married a woman from France and they opened this place when they returned.

          In Wichita, I like Stroud's (family style -known for their chicken and cinnamon rolls), the original Nu-Way (loose meat sandwiches & their own root beer), B&C BBQ (wonderful lunch buffet), and Ty Diner (burger hole-in-the wall). All of them are discussed on this page:

          1. There's a great small town fine dining restaurant in York, NE- 50 miles west of Lincoln, 100 miles west of Omaha right on I-80. It's called Chances R, and it's set in a nice downtown area.

            In Omaha, I suggest Wheatfield's for brunch. They also have a huge selection of pastries and other bakery items.

            1. I think I recommend this place on every one of these I-80 threads -- the Green Apple Cafe in Cozad, NE. A fantastic small town diner with really, really good pies and an apple dumpling that I still daydream about.