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Feb 13, 2009 06:23 AM

Mom Friendly Restaurant Downtown Toronto


My mom is coming downtown tonight to stay for one night before flying out of Pearson tomorrow morning. Where can I take her for dinner where she won't feel out of place? She likes a cozy atmosphere, reasonable prices ($50.00 for two without wine), and somewhere not too noisy. We live downtown, so somewhere nearby would be great.

Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. Try Terroni on Adelaide East of Yonge....Miranda

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    1. re: miranda

      I don't think Terroni fits the OPs request. Terroni on Adelaide is the antithesis of cozy and not too noisy -- the space is huge, the acoustics are miserable and the demographic skews pretty young and hip.

      I would suggest Weezies instead for a cozy bistro-type dinner. If you want Italian, my favorite under-the-radar, but always reliable spot is Serra, on Bloor, just West of Spadina.

    2. Not sure where downtown you are, but Le Paradis could be a good choice. Not a particularly young crowd, and the food is solid and very reasonable. The atmosphere's fairly cosy too (though not super-cosy).

      Rosebud's a bit more expensive, but might also fit the bill, especially if you're closer to the south-west end of downtown.

      In the south-east end, I agree with TorontoJo that Weezie's is also great.

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        I agree, Weezie's is wonderful.
        I also really like Toba (
        )Crush might be cozy and motherly!

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          Weezie's sounds great! I've never been there so it'll be an experience for the both of us. Besides, I'm too skeptical about Terroni's because their service is always so inconsistent. Thanks fellow foodies!

          1. re: superangela

            since you're going to be in the area i would recommend the gilead cafe for your mom to go pick up some treats for the plane. Even day old pastries or other treats from gilead will be miles ahead of what's available at Pearson

            Gilead - duplicate
            4 Gilead Pl, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

      2. If your mom likes Thai food, you might want to consider taking her to Linda. Nice atmosphere, and usually fairly quiet.