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Feb 13, 2009 06:12 AM

Food on the Bourbon Trail

Heading to Kentucky to hit a few places on the bourbon trail in March. It looks like I will be staying in Louisville. We will be heading to Makers, Buffalo Trace, and Woodford on the trip. Any tips for good eats along the tour and especially a country ham or bbq spot would be great. We will be staying in downtown Lousiville and I have my eye on "Proof on Main", but other maybe less expensive options would be great.

Also, other smaller distillery options would be great as well.............

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  1. Proof on Main is great. Lynn's Paradise Cafe in Louisville is a well-loved arty diner, with great breakfast - biscuits with sorghum butter!

    Definitely hit the Holly Hill Inn in Midway, between Frankfort and Lexington and not too far from Woodford. It's a gorgeous old country mansion that a young married chef couple turned into a nifty "nouvelle Kentucky" restaurant - local meats, homemade pasta, etc.

    Old Talbott Tavern in Bardstown is fun - oldest Western stagecoach stop in America, Lincoln stayed here, etc. Stick with basics like country ham and chess pie. Locals sometimes hang out at the bourbon bar.

    The people at Chapeze House in Bardstown can arrange private bourbon tastings. Meals too, but expensive.

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      We really enjoyed the Old Talbott Tavern in Bardstown.

      We also really liked the Whistle Stop Cafe in Glendale. It may be a bit out of your way unless you're going to Jim Beam.

      Woodford is a great distillery but we ate there and the food wasn't that great.


    2. Some more casual spots in Louisville. . .
      3rd Ave Cafe is a great spot for a reasonably priced lunch--great sandwiches, soups, and salads--it is in Old Louisville, so close to downtown.
      The Fish House is another excellent inexpensive option--great catfish, scrod, potato pancakes.
      BBC or Cumberland Brews--a couple of micro-brews with pretty good food--pizzas, sandwiches, etc. I prefer the food at Cumberland, but the beer at BBC--depends what you're looking for.

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        I am not sure where you are staying but you must go to the Brown Hotel and have a hot brown...they have a lovely causual other will ever compare.Truly a must!

      2. I highly recommend the Beaumont Inn in Harrodsburg, KY. Some of the best country ham and fried chicken I've ever had and in a beatiful setting.