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Feb 13, 2009 05:22 AM

Rosa's pizza - Empire State Bldg.

Has anyone eaten here, yet? Under OU supervision.
If so, I'd love to read a review!

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  1. I had two slices of Sicilian Pizza there, which were very good- not the best I ever had but better than average. I work in the building. Most of my office is not kosher. Several people got lunch there before it turned Kosher and still do. They said the food still tastes the same.

    1. Has anyone else been here..can offer a review?

      1. Where in the building is it located? Do you need a visitor's pass? Thanks.

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          Its right in the lobby of the Empire State Building. No pass necessary

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            The entrance is on the 33rd St. side opposite Circa-NY.

            The food is good, but nothing to get too excited about, with your basic pizza and pasta offerings and a salad bar. The place is clean and the prices are about what you'd expect given the location. The word seems to have gotten out as they seem to be attracting a good lunch crowd but the line moves well and there is adequate seating.

        2. Rosa's is simply the best kosher pizza in NYC. I opted for plain slices, which would allow me to assess the pizza without the distraction of toppings. The dough is thin and crispy at the very bottom yet nicely chewy under the sauce. The sauce has a bright tomato flavor and the cheese was plentiful.

          I went during the lunch hour and it was busy yet I did not have to wait to place my order or to pay. Try that at any other midtown kosher restaurant that sells pizza! The owner came to my table and asked how everything was. The place is even clean. The varied customer base is encouraging but at the same time I fear that such a place may not see enough of a boost from turning kosher to make it work economically. They also offer hot dishes and salads and their menu indicates that they sell sushi. I think the sushi must be a requirement for getting hashgacho - it is otherwise totally unnecessary at a fine establishment that knows to make pizza and run a pizza shop.

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            Just by way of contrast, yesterday, I went to a different midtown dairy restaurant and stood in line for 10 minutes to place my order, stood in a second line to pay, a third line to receive my wrap (not prepared according to my specifications) and a fourth line to receive the soup I'd ordered.

          2. I ate there for lunch today with my wife. We both had a plain slice and a vegy slice and shared an order of (5) garlic knots. The plain slice was very good - cheesy, thin crispy but still chewy crust and a good sauce. The vegy slice (mushrooms, peppers, broccoli, eggplant, spinach, I might be forgetting something) was good, although it wasn't warm enough when they served it. The garlic knots were crispy on the outside, moist and chewy on the inside, with a good, but not overpowering garlic flavor. However, they also could have been heated up some more. This brings me to my last comment:
            The service was fast. We were there late lunch time, and there were lots of people and they had rapid turnover. I think we waited under a minute before ordering, and when we got to pay our food was ready. Well, almost ready, at least....

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              Oh, and I forgot to mention - the slices were larger than typical Kosher slices.