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Feb 13, 2009 05:06 AM

Brick Toast

Does anyone know how to make brick toast? You can always find it at boba tea shops and similar semi-fast food asian restraunts but I have never been able to find out how to make it. I've searched google and the only recommendation I have found is using a thick slice of toast and just coating it with topping but that doesn't seem similar at all. Any specific technique or ingredients required? Any guidance would be appreciated.

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  1. Never heard of it, but Googled it. Look at the picture at this website and see if this is what you seek.

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      My gosh, this looks amazing! I found this link for it:, but rather than grill-pressed, the yelp picture presents a vision of either being baked or broiled with choco? and caramel? drizzled over.

      I also found this on the prep of the coconut.

      Yet another web site alluded to allowing the "spread" to set for a bit (prior to baking/broiling/grilling) so it would penetrate into the bread.

    2. Brick toast is basically the Asian version of American Milk Toast.

      Find a really thick slice of white bread, toast it gently, dip in condensed milk and top with any one of the following or all of them: peanut butter, garlic butter, fruit jams, coconut cream, marshmallows (or fluff), chocolate syrup, caramel, etc.

      Its basically a vehicle for sugar overload.

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        D'accordo! Your last statement will steer me away from this concoction. I could not find anything in my Asian cookbooks and Asian food encyclopaedias that referred to this stuff. Where did you come upon your information?

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          "Where did you come upon your information?"


          Um, multiple first-hand experiences .... :-)

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            I've since googled this 奶酥吐司 to death and finally found a "Butter Milk Crisp" recipe that I can rework with consistency. I have to say my version, the PROPER version, is eons better than Guppy's or Ten-Ren's.

            Recipe for “Butter Milk” in Chinese courtesy of Flower Grass Garden.

            1/2 cup of non-fat powered milk
            1/3 cup of granulated sugar, dial down for less sugary result.
            1/3 cup of salted butter
            1/2 egg yolk

            2 slices of 1″-thick brick toast.

            Margarine is actually a better substitute than butter as it melts much faster into bread but a true carb whore will always drop her panties faster upon the smell of butter.

            Preheat toaster oven to 350 degrees F.

            First, score the toast in a pound sign (#), marking the large toast slice into 9 squares. Make the incisions deep to allow better butter penetration.

            Mix remaining ingredients in bowl with spatula, resulting in bechamel-esque paste below.

            Split mixture evening into two portions, and spread evenly onto toast. Be sure to cover the edges so the tip of the crust won’t burn. Place into toaster oven for 6-7 minutes, or remove when sugary mix is lightly browned. Serve by drizzling chocolate sauce on top. Alternatively, almond slice can be placed on top of spread before baking.