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Feb 13, 2009 04:55 AM

Looking for GOOD Thai, in Bucks Co. area

I live in Upper Bucks. My favorite Thai place WAS Thai Chili, in Frenchtown, NJ. It was delicious, reasonable & closeby. It was, unfortunately, closed for zoning issues. Any ideas for a GOOD Thai restaurant in the Bucks/Hunderton Co. areas?

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  1. More Central Bucks than Upper, but Siam Cuisine in Buckingham on 202 (just before 413) satisfies my thai cravings.

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    1. re: JCap

      thanks....I've been there, and I think Siam in Buckingham is to Thai like Taco Bell is to Mexican's ok, but not great

    2. Thai Tida and Siam Thai in Lambertville are two others to consider. Tida is a bit off the beaten path on North Union but has some decent food.

      Wildflowers in New Hope has a Thai menu in addition to other cuisine.

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      1. re: cwdonald

        thanks....i know where all those are, but still need to actually make the effort & go

      2. Now that it's closed, I think it's OK to say here that Thai Chili was one of the few restaurants in Hunterdon County to receive an unsatisfactory rating from the county Department of Health (in late 2007).

        Of the two Thai restaurants in Lambertville, I feel Thai Tida is superior. It's also of interest because there are a few Laotian dishes on the menu.

        In Hunterdon County, you might also try Pru Thai in Clinton. It's not bad but not as good as some of the Thai restaurants in Somerville in Somerset County. Of the half dozen or so Thai restaurants there, I would suggest Splash of Thai and Origin Thai. Neither is pure Thai but both serve very good food.

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          We like Siam in Lambertville better than Thai Tida, and that goes for their attitude as well as the food.

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            I've heard pros & cons for both places....Siam in Lambertville usually comes out ahead

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              Thai Chili may have gotten unsatisfactory health ratings, but the food was great. No one I know ever had any issues from eating there.
              I've also heard great things about the ones in Somerset Co. Again, I still have to make the effort, and go check it out.

            2. ....although it's not Thai,I recently tried the Vietnam Cafe in Telford, Pa. It was delicious....satisfied that exotic craving, and was not far away, at all. Casual, reasonable and BYOB.....a winning combo

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              1. re: tomkeith

                Where exactly is it in Telford. There used to be a Vietnamese place on 113 near the train station.

                Also, there is a nice Thai-French restaurant in Lansdale across from the train station there. The French influence probably renders it un-authentic, but is was very good food.


                1. re: maddoxdy

                  sounds like the same place....113 to county line...down to Penn, just before the RR tracks. It's not actually on 113, but not far from it.
                  I've heard about the Lansdale one, too. For me it's kinda far, and if I'm gonna do the miles, I think I'd go in the other direction to Somerset Co (NJ), and check their's out (supposed to be the best).

                  Vietnam Cafe Restaurant
                  179 Penn Ave, Telford, PA 18969

                  1. re: tomkeith

                    The place in Lansdale, Nadia, is pretty good. It's 2 minutes from my house and I and my family have eaten there often. I don;t see a heck of a lot of "French" influence personally. Vietnam Cafe in Telford is quite good and quite authentic. It's BYOB (as is Nadia) and quite cheap (entrees around $8-9). Their Pho Tai is excellent. There is also a new Vietnamese restaurant in Lansdale as well (Saigon@Main) which is good, but not as good as Vietnam Cafe in my opinion. There is also a pretty good Thai Restaurant (Thai Spice) in Doylestown, but avoid Siam Cusine, which is not good.

              2. It's horrible that we don't have good Thai to rave about. The only place around this area my family likes is Chiang Mai in Conshohocken. In Philly, we like Cafe de Laos which is Thai mixture/Laos--I love the interior too.
                On special occasions, we head to New Jersey to Somerville, Chao Praya, Origin. Huntington Valley has White Elephant, not bad, better than the Thai in Bucks. Although White Elephant has food on the sweet side, you'll need some extra lime to balance it out.

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                  1. re: AlissaMichelle

                    absolutely, however, the take out is not as good as eating there.