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Feb 13, 2009 04:48 AM


I need a little help. I'm having a dinner party Saturday and want to make Caviar Dip. (Barefoot Contessa recipe) Where should I buy it? The recipe calls far a good Salmon Roe. I found many sites on the internet but not sure where to go in Dallas. I have already looked at Central Market. They sell mainly the fine caviar which I don't really need (or want to waste the $$$ as it's in a dip!)

Thanks for any help

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  1. I make caviar dips and spreads often. I buy it at HEB. They've got some fairly inexpensive stuff that works fine for dips and spreads. Actually, I've never been into an HEB that didn't have it. It's usually with the canned meats - tuna, chicken, clams, crab - that kind of thing. As you've noticed, 'gourmet'-type markets have a higher markup on everything. And they generally carry better quality caviar. I'd strongly advise you to just look for it at your neighborhood HEB first, before you try more expensive specialty shops.

    1. I would try the following, but would preceed making the drive with a call to see if they actually have it.

      Market Street (Colleyville, Lewisville and I believe Allen or McKinney)
      Whole Foods
      Williams Sonoma

      I've never been to Jimmy's (near downtown), but from everything I've read, they seem to carry a lot fo specialty items.

      Have you tried your area supermarkets? I find Tom Thumb to have some things that surprise me.

      1. I've been able to find it at World Market.

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          Thanks all. I'll try all those. I'm thinking Whole Foods might be a good option. Although, World Market isn't far from me. There is also a new cheese shop in Highland Park Village. My friend told me to try there.

          Again, many thanks!

        2. I wonder if Seabose or Kazy's would have it... look for ikura.

          1. I would look for one of the Russian Deli's around town. Euro Deli , Euro Deli 2 .... they all have "cavier" of various grades for a decent price. A dip normally does not need to be a top grade. I would also agree that Kazy's would be a reasonable idea as well.

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              Good advice, irodguy. Central Market and, all the Russian food stores in Dallas also have salmon caviar.
              However, my first choice for quality and the best prices would be, Zituna Market on Coit Road just south of Arapaho.
              A true food shopping experience for any ethnic food items.

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                So surprised to see this post - my original post was over a year ago!!! I ended up finding it at Central Market. It's kept over by the pre-packaged smoked salmon. They had several brands and very reasonable prices. The dip was delish - a recipe from The Barefoot Contessa. It would be lovely for Easter or Mother's Day.