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Feb 13, 2009 03:10 AM

New Thai restaurant in Milford, CT

"Will you be opening the restaurant soon? I can see the napkins on the tables," I said to the owner of A Taste of Thai as I strolled with my twin babies toward the Milford Green. "Today, surely!" Last April I had met the owners, transplants from San Diego and veterans of the Thai restaurant business, as they were just beginning the process of clearing out the contents of what used to be Palermo Deli, beside Archie Moore's and Kristine's Papery in downtown Milford.

Luckily for me, I had already booked a babysitter for the afternoon, and as soon as she marched in the door, I skipped over to the restaurant where I proudly dined as one of Taste's first patrons. "Tea? On the house," the waiter bowed and set a carafe of golden liquid and bone white cup before me.

As I sat perusing the encyclopedic menu, I heard the couple sitting next to me confide: "The coconut soup is delicious!" Indeed, the steaming hot soup was an essay in silky richness, with tender slivers of chicken marinated in a chili lime sauce. A crisp fried spring roll perched beside the bowl was crisp and so hot, scintillating as I dipped it in the sweet sauce and bit through to its soft underbelly. When the green curry with shrimp arrived, I could smell its sweet freshness, the basil, the bamboo shoots, bell peppers and green beans simultaneously. It was so aromatic and wonderful, but I could only manage to eat about half of it, packing up the rest to eat later that day before my husband could discover and devour these sinful leftovers.

At $9.95 for the lunch special, I'm certain to show my face regularly at this new, understated little gem.

Taste of Thai
22 Broad St, Milford, CT

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  1. How Cool! Now I won't have to venture to Mai Thai in Orange or my fav Pad Thai in New Haven. I had no idea. Will definitely check it out. THANKS

    1. Meant to ask. . . how was the decor? Is it more takeout than sit-down? I can't imagine in there.

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      1. re: cheereeo

        The decor is minimalist, but definitely geared toward sit-down with many two-tops. In fact, as of last Wednesday they didn't even have a take-out menu yet, though I'm sure they do by now. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

        1. re: allison08

          I ended up sending my husband for take-out on Friday when I found out Tengda hadn't opened up yet and I had a taste for thai food. I thought it was quite good. We were boring and just ordered Pad Thai (really good; I just wish they put more fresh green onions in--they sort of get steamed up when you order them to-go, to be expected). Pineapple fried rice for my son was yummy looking and nicely decorated. We adored the spring rolls. At first, I thought they may be a little thicker than what I liked, but the filling was great. They told me they would email me the menu, but so far have not received it--language barrier could have caused a typo when they wrote down my email address. Oh, and I asked if they could make squid rings for us, which they did and there were tempura coated and great, again, a little soggy from the take-out option. I'll definitely go again as well. So nice to not have to drive to New Haven when you got your crave on!

          1. re: cheereeo

            I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. I'm sure the tempura is better in the restaurant: when they brought out my spring roll it looked like they had fried it just seconds ago, so it was piping hot and crispy. It's so nice to finally have a Thai option in Milford.

      2. We ate there last night and I was surprised how great it was. Much better than I had expected. Had a pork dish w/green beans, some spring rolls and satay. My wife and daughter had the pad thai. She is very particular about her pad thai. The tofu has to be crispy and she reported that it was done to perfection.

        I have to say that there are some things on the menu that I have never seen at a Thai restaurant (like a sirloin steak with green curry sauce served with Roti!?)

        So yeah, will be back and we couldn't be more pleased.

        I was concerned that when we arrived around 6pm the place was nearly empty but it filled up nicely by the time we left.

        Oh yeah, good service as well as a full-bar.

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        1. re: kwhitehead

          I totally agree. I've eaten there at least 6 or 7 times now (lunch, dinner, and take out). The food is great and reasonably priced. The option of a full service bar is excellent. The service is really friendly. I hope more people start eating here. I'd love to see this great Thai place become a fixture in downtown Milford.

        2. Went for a second visit this past Saturday.

          On our first trip, my wife and I started with the Spring rolls, which as mentioned, were just out of the fryer and piping hot. Very good and not greasy at all. I had the Green Curry with scallops, and it was phenomenal. Scallops done to perfection, nestled amongst green beans, bamboo shoots, bell pepper, and eggplant sitting in the curry sauce. The sauce was a bit deceiving, as it wasn't that spicy up front. But after a few minutes, the heat became apparent, and I was in heaven. My wife ordered the 'Drunken Noodles' which were large, flat noodles stir-fried with shredded chicken, onions, bell pepper, & eggplant in a spicy sauce. She raved about it. Service was impeccable, with the owner checking on us a few times without hovering.

          This past trip, we started off with the Tod Mun, little fish cakes pan fried and served with a cucumber sauce. There were 10 of them, about the size of a half-dollar, and orange in color. Not what I was expecting, for sure! But they were pretty good although the texture was a bit weird - like over-cooked squid - kind of rubbery. For all I know, maybe they use squid in the recipe. Nonetheless, we enjoyed them. I then had the Pad Pik Pow with scallops (I've been on a scallop bender lately) which again were done to perfection, served with green beans, snow peas, cashews, & bell pepper in a light, savory, brown sauce. Very good, but I think I prefer the green curry so far for its increased heat. My wife, creature of habit that she is, had the Drunken Noodles again. Great, friendly service again. In fact, we were each given a shot of Pan? or Pen? (a liquor, I think, made from sticky rice) because we had to wait all of 4 minutes for our waiter to ring up our check. The drink was good, slightly sweet, but it was somewhat pulpy - like cooked ground rice in liquid. (I hate to admit it, but when I first tried it, all I could think of was the liquor made from chewed-on and spat-out roots from the rain forest tribes.)

          It's definitely become one of our favorite spots.

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          1. re: Ravac

            I am going to try this place out this weekend. I'll report back with the review.

          2. I went there last night for the first time. I was skeptical, but left duly impressed. If it means anything, I spent +/- 2 months in Thaliand for work last year, and ate just about everything my Thai friends suggested.

            We ordered the Tod Mon as a small starter, which were tasty. I then had the sweet and sour soup (or Tom Yum) which had the right mix of spicy and sour.

            For the main course I ordered chicken Laab, which I was happy to see on the menu. I saw that they labeled it with only 1 star for spiciness, so I asked for it "Thai spicy." I was not disappointed. It was probably the best Laab I've had outside of Thailand.

            Needless to say, I'll be going back.

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            1. re: schadenfreude

              I ate the same things you did yesterday, also Thai spicy with a side of nam pla, and also had the papaya salad. Also on the table was Yum Nuur and Kai Ka Prow. We've eaten there a few times for dinner and also had take-out. They also deliver with a $30 minimum.

              I used to really enjoy Mai Thai, but I think the chef has gotten very heavy handed with the palm sugar. Everything was very very sweet....even the Larb Kai.. The other one further up the road is too Americanized for me as is The King & I in Stratford. One time my husband and I had dinner at King & I, and there was an entire block of staples about 3" worth in his dinner. That turned him off completely to eating there.

              We went for a late lunch...around 3:30 yesterday. There was no one there. There were a lot of people in Archie Moore's. The older man in Taste of Thai said they were busy the night before and he hoped it would stay that way. I hope so too. I'd hate to see them go under. The food is very good, and Thai food is my absolute favorite.

              1. re: Shanna

                BTW, their website has a 10% off discount coupon you can print up.

                My husband and I still chuckle at the managements name... Krap Kun, because it's anything but. :)