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Feb 13, 2009 02:30 AM

aromas, flavoring agents, for alcohol

Looking for a place to buy aroma and flavoring agents, natural and/or synthetic, for use in alcoholic beverages... bitter herbs, almond, cherry, vanilla, anise, brandy / whisky emulate etc.

Any recommendations would be most appreciated!!

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  1. I think they have quite a few syrups at the Atwater Market. I don't remember the name of the store (someone'll chime in), but its near the fish market, it has a ton of hot sauces as you walk in on the left, olive oils on the right, and a lower level (three steps) at the back.
    Stuff like Teisseire products:

    come to think of it, they probably have it at the european shops (like Vielle Europe) on St. Laurent, but can't be sure.

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      Yeah, I think you mean Les Douceurs du Marché, right?

      Anatol's on St-Laurent also has a lot of flavouring agents if I recall, but I'm not sure if they're more meant for baking than drinks - you could call first and ask:

      Anatol Épices
      6822 boulevard St-Laurent
      Closed Sundays

    2. Lost of years ago we use to make our liquors.... alcohol and flavor. The last time I bought flavor was in a wine making shop
      good luck!

      1. I've just moved back to Montreal. so I am a little out of touch. But there is a company from the Netherlands, with an office in Toronto: Givaudan Canada Co.
        (Flavours application & sales)

        2400 Matheson Bld,

        East Mississauga
        Ontario L4W 5G9
        They are the largest and some say the best at flavourings for food and alcohol. I have used them in the restaurant business. You just might give them a try.

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        1. re: bigfellow

          Thank you everyone!

          The lead that is the most related to my search is Givaudan. But they are in Mississauga, while I am in Montreal. Also, they deal in much larger quantities than what I require.

          On the other hand, rather than syrups and other flavors one might find at the Atwater Market (such as Teisseire) I was hopeful to find industrial aromas.

          Surely there must be a Montreal-based firm dealing in flavoring agents for the trades...?

          Thanks again!

          1. re: rictitious

            In Canada Givaudan used to be a company that they aquired from Holland called Quest International. It was their division called Quest Flavours, better known as Naarden. They may still have an office in town?

        2. Again go in a wine making furniture shop you will find it.

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          1. re: phyero

            Do they make the furniture after or before they make the wine?

              1. re: phyero

                Thanks for that, again.... are you able to recommend any winemaking supply shop in particular?

                1. re: rictitious

        , I think you will be happy with this web address, also go on google and look at wine making supplies, montreal


                  1. re: phyero

                    Thank you, Phyero, for your helpfulness... Regrettably this is not suitable, perhaps I haven't explained myself as well as I could have.

                    Wine-making supply shops (such as this, and what I've googled and spoken to) do not sell flavoring, aromatic, color, etc. elements for use in producing liqueurs. They sell a mix like Top Shelf, which is not suitable for higher volume or serious liqueur making. "Top shelf" and the like are cute little branded mixes -- you add a small bottle into a big bottle of alcool, and poof, you get Tia Maria.

                    On the other hand, alcohol producers, say Jagermeister, might use an herbal extract, which is highly concentrated chemical added in very small amounts to large quantities of distillate. Then they might add caramel, or glycerin, etc., the various extracts, additives, aromas and agents used in the production of liqueurs. This is very different from, say, Sambucca(tm) mix.

                    Anyone who might know of a company distributing such things in the Montreal, please share :) It will probably fall under the category of wholesale flavoring agents. Unfortunately I have been totally unable to turn any up, though I am certain that a city as large as Montreal must have such a source!