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Feb 13, 2009 01:55 AM

Fish Lunch in Greater Hartford Area

I'm looking for a place to meet my parents for lunch in the greater Hartford area, optimally not too far off I-91 as they will be returning home to NYC from visiting the Dartmouth College area.

My parents eat anything but my wife and I do not eat meat or shellfish, only fin fish or vegetarian items. This is now complicated by the fact that my wife is trying to follow the South Beach diet so we need a place that has grilled or broiled fish and might be willing to substitute another vegetable instead of rice or potatoes.

Ted's Montana Grill in Evergreen Walk comes to mind. We've been there before and will go there again if nothing better comes up.

We live in Southeastern Connecticut so we don't know the choices in Greater Hartford all that well. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. I'd suggest Tinker's Seafood. It's quite casual (think the atmosphere of a shoreline lobster shack) and there are two locations: one is in Downtown Hartford and the other is also in Hartford--just over the West Hartford Line. l've only been to the latter one and can't speak to the decor of the downtown one--as I've only been into that building when it was another establishment.

    1. There's also the Chowderpot right off 91 on Brainard Rd.

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        I agree with Both Tinkers and Chowderpot, however I think you'd get more of the selection you're looking for at Chowderpot.

      2. Max Fish in Glastonbury can't be beat. Easy to get to: Route 3 exit off I91 over the Conn River, then first exit, left at the lights, you go by the restaurant on the right and then first right for parking.