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Restaurant Week / Dine L.A Good Values?

I was going to go to try out Restaurant week tomorrow night . Wanted to know what is a good value out there


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  1. I had an excellent lunch at Ocean Avenue Seafood -- my salmon was perfectly grilled as specified and the portion and sides were identical to their ordinary menu, so I essentially got a starter and dessert for free. But I think they are offering exactly the same menu for dinner for more money. Some of the menus I examined on the DineLA website were not real bargains -- either not much of a discount or very limited choices of the cheaper items. If I remember correctly, one of the better values for dinner appeared to be Wolfgang's steakhouse in Beverly Hills, where I believe they were offering a fullsize filet with a side, plus a starter and dessert -- a major saving. Note that there are restrictions at most places to the extension of DineLA -- obviously not Valentines, some may not offer it on weekends, and Monday being a holiday can be questionable. Also, some places are not giving the menu of DineLA specials without being asked, a policy I object to.

    1. I thought dinner at Max (on Ventura Bv. between Coldwater Cyn. and Woodman in Sherman Oaks) was a good value, and the food was terrific.

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        Max was very very good... great value too

      2. I think the best choices for the money are Valentino or Grace.

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          i thought valentino was eh for restaurant week. small portions and mediocre. different story for their normal menu. on the other hand, my meal at campanile was great and only $34

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            agree that Dine LA at Valentino was very meh and that Wilshire was fantastic. I also had a great meal at the Bazaar on Wednesday night, although this is only a deal if you are ordering the more expensive tapas rather than the $8 plates.

        2. I had a wonderful dinner at Wilshire, the black cod was delicious.

          1. Chaya Venice was a great experience & value. Campanile for me was terrible - I won't be back. Really enjoyed Grace, but not sure that it's much of a value compared to their usual options!

            1. 1. Dakota-dinner $44- they also had a nice list of recommended wines to go with the dine L.A. menu.
              2. Maison Akira-dinner $44- i thought the app w/ the sea bass didn't go well with the ravioli but overall the food was very good
              3. Roy's Pasadena-dinner $34-good bang for your buck

              Had a less than stellar experience at:
              4. Langham Dining Room-service was off at the beginning of the meal and picked up later.
              5. Water Grill-too long a wait in between courses.
              I do have to say that both restaurants were very crowded for dinner and that may have thrown off service and the kitchen.

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                There is little benefit in going to Roy's during the DineLA period -- they offer a 3-course menu with many if not all of the same options for almost the same price all the time, at all locations. (I'm not being critical -- it is a good deal, and I like Roy's -- just that it isn't really special or for a limited time.)

              2. Gordon Ramsay at the London was a good value. Despite what some have said here, we had excellent service. The food was excellent, and certainly worth the discounted rate for DineLA. Five courses (amuse, appetizer, entree, pre-dessert, dessert), for that price is a great deal. Good cocktails, and a decent (if not spectacular) wine pairing if you're into that kind of thing.

                1. Thank you all for the responses,

                  1. We did Water Grill on Super Bowl Sunday and the restaurant was full when we were seated at 6 ish. The food and service were outstanding! I'm pretty sure that LA Restaurant Week ended a couple of weeks ago, so put WG on your list next year. Really cool that they're still so great after all these years in LA.

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                      Water Grill and many others have extended the Dine LA special till end of Feb.

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                        I thought the portions at Water Grill were on the small side, but that may be normal. The food was good. Considering what the regular prices are, I guess it was a good value, but I don't think I'll be returning at $28 for lunch. The appetizer was all of two bites, the dessert maybe four bites. And the main maybe 6 bites, with about 4 bites worth of sides.

                        I heard that Cafe Pinot at $22 for lunch was a better deal.

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                          Anyone been to BLT Steak for dine LA? We have reservations and were wondering if it was a good value.

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                            Not in my opinion. We tried BLT Steak for DineLA, and frankly we were a bit underwhelmed. I hear they have a number of delicious steaks on their regular menu that are supposed to be very good, but overall the options they have for DineLA are unimpressive.

                            One caveat, the popovers are delicious, and I thoroughly enjoyed their risotto (though not as much as the risotto at Gordon Ramsey). I guess my point would be for the same price (during DineLA) there are several options I'd put higher than BLT steak.

                      2. Did anyone try Vermont Restaurant for dineLA? The older posts (circa 2006) I've found were highly critical of the food and the service, just curious if that's still the case. Any thoughts on any of the downtown options - the Standard or Nick and Stef's?