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Feb 12, 2009 09:08 PM

Restaurant Week / Dine L.A Good Values?

I was going to go to try out Restaurant week tomorrow night . Wanted to know what is a good value out there


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  1. I had an excellent lunch at Ocean Avenue Seafood -- my salmon was perfectly grilled as specified and the portion and sides were identical to their ordinary menu, so I essentially got a starter and dessert for free. But I think they are offering exactly the same menu for dinner for more money. Some of the menus I examined on the DineLA website were not real bargains -- either not much of a discount or very limited choices of the cheaper items. If I remember correctly, one of the better values for dinner appeared to be Wolfgang's steakhouse in Beverly Hills, where I believe they were offering a fullsize filet with a side, plus a starter and dessert -- a major saving. Note that there are restrictions at most places to the extension of DineLA -- obviously not Valentines, some may not offer it on weekends, and Monday being a holiday can be questionable. Also, some places are not giving the menu of DineLA specials without being asked, a policy I object to.

    1. I thought dinner at Max (on Ventura Bv. between Coldwater Cyn. and Woodman in Sherman Oaks) was a good value, and the food was terrific.

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        Max was very very good... great value too

      2. I think the best choices for the money are Valentino or Grace.

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          i thought valentino was eh for restaurant week. small portions and mediocre. different story for their normal menu. on the other hand, my meal at campanile was great and only $34

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            agree that Dine LA at Valentino was very meh and that Wilshire was fantastic. I also had a great meal at the Bazaar on Wednesday night, although this is only a deal if you are ordering the more expensive tapas rather than the $8 plates.

        2. I had a wonderful dinner at Wilshire, the black cod was delicious.

          1. Chaya Venice was a great experience & value. Campanile for me was terrible - I won't be back. Really enjoyed Grace, but not sure that it's much of a value compared to their usual options!