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Feb 12, 2009 08:31 PM

The Naked Cafe--Solana Beach

I just searched the board and found a dusting of promising comments about this place. Anyone have more detailed experiences?


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  1. I have not eaten there, but a lot of people up here say they "love it"

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    1. We love this place and eat there frequently, but unfortunately, I found my favorite dish early on and have eaten it almost every single time we go - it's called Buff Breakfast Burritos and basically, they're egg burritos made with egg whites and veggies. Their salsa is delicious, too. Our running group meets at Naked Cafe frequently after our long runs because we can chow down and still feel (somewhat) healthy! Sometimes, there's a line out the door by mid-morning so you might want to call ahead. Also, technically it's an open-air restaurant although they do put down those plastic flaps when it gets cold, but it's not ideal on a chilly day.

      1. This place is the greatest restaurant! I love the fire cracker scramble! WOW! The place is packed so expect a wait at all locations on weekends. It really is an outstanding experience. I love the Solana Beach location the best as it has a very casual atmosphere. Greatest food in San Diego for BREAKFAST! The BEST!