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Feb 12, 2009 08:28 PM

Side Dish for Steamed King Crab?

I am going to prepare King Crab legs for the big V-day. If anyone could provide me with an idea for a nice side dish, that would be great! Thanks

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  1. Steamed asparagus with a smoked chocolate-mustard sauce.

    1. I do snow crab every year for my wife and daughters and this year is no different. Although for V-day it ends up being all about the crab. I have 6+ pounds for 4 of us with sliced lemon and melted butter. The one thing I do include always is a greek salad. Just always seems like a good combo for us. During the non-V-day dinners of crab, I just include a nice bread to go along with it. My girls are carb fiends so it stretches the crab a lot further.

      1. Hmmm. I'm thinking butter.

        (And, now you know why I'm NOT a cheap date.)

        1. We love it with a fresh garden salad, steamed new potato's and mini corn on the cob. Enjoy

          1. Something green for vegetables....asparagus or Haricot Vert.

            To offset the saltiness of the sea.....I would also suggest a salad eaten along with, or after the crab with a slightly sweet salad consisting of any of the following or all:

            mix greens or mesculin with radicchio and endive
            roasted beets
            goat cheese or Gorgonzola
            candied pecans or walnuts
            apples or pears
            orange or tangerine sections
            heirloom, cherry or grape tomatoes

            I also like (Analisas mom)'s idea of corn.....maybe a mango corn relish....sweet on its own...or spicy with the addition of some fresh Serrano or Jalapeno peppers.... or just chili and/or cayenne pepper(powders).