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Feb 12, 2009 07:32 PM

ISO Burmese restos

I am visiting from Toronto in May and would love to try some of the Burmese restaurants in town. Any recs? I'll also gladly take recs for anything in the Napa area (aside from Thomas Keller please, he doesn't fit into my budget .. well, maybe his bakery will fit). Thanks.

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  1. Never mind everyone. I just found this topic further down the list. I'll still take recs for the Napa and Sonoma area though.

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    1. re: theel

      I had a terrific lunch at Napa's Ubuntu last year.

      Ubuntu Restaurant & Yoga Studio
      1140 Main Street, Napa, CA 94558

      1. re: theel

        Second Ubuntu. It is a wonderful place. Fried Chicken night at Ad Hoc from the Keller empire is fun, although it may be too pricey at $49pp.

        1. re: sfbing

          Ubuntu sounds very interesting. I am rather a carnivore myself so it should be eye opening if I get to give it a go.

      2. Will you be in San Francisco? Because Burma Super Star is to die for

        1. Here are a few ideas.

          Frankly, I'm not that impressed by Bouchon Bakery. There are better bakeries in Napa such as Sweetie PIes and Model Bakery. If you must try something by Keller, Ad Hoc might be the best option. Bouchon the restaurant is just another French bistro. If you have some where you live, why come all the way to California to eat food you can get at home.

          1. There's a Burmese place in downtown Palo Alto, close to Stanford, called Rangoon. I like it, but it's the only Burmese place I've ever visited.

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              I might actually be in Palo Alto for a couple of hours visiting friends so Rangoon might be a good idea. Thanks. Thanks rworange as well for the link.