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Feb 12, 2009 06:24 PM

Origin India Restaurant - Las Vegas

Has anyone been to Origin India Restaurant? They're on Paradise road across from the Hard Rock. I just heard them mentioned on NPR and went to their website. It looks like a fun place: cool decor, Indian food with some non-traditional twists. I'd love to hear any revues before I drop some hard earned cash.

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    1. Though we are not locals, we have dined there on several occasions and only one entree proved to be disappointing. I would suggest purchasing a certificate. Here are my notes:

      04/07 I found a 2/1 coupon celebrating their first anniversary so we decided to give this restaurant, located in a small strip mall on Paradise Road, a try The owners have obviously spent considerable dollars on the interior. Our waiter served us papadum accompanied by tamarind and mint sauces. We decided to try the high end of the menu sharing orders of Jhinga Dum Sunerhri (queen prawns simmered in coconut milk, yogurt and a touch of cashew nut sauce) and Goshet Rajawri (boneless lamb cooked in spices, tomatoes, egg, yogurt and a cashew paste). Entrees included basmati rice, a choice of naan or paratha (we tried both) and lentil side dishes. This was probably the best Indian meal we have had in Las Vegas. (4.5 Forks out of 5)

      09/07 We discovered this restaurant on our last trip and were anxious to see if it was as good as we remembered. Complimentary papadum was served with tamarind and mint dipping sauces shortly after we were presented with menus. The waiter convinced us to try the evening’s special appetizer, a crepe made with corn, homemade cheese and potato which proved to be an excellent choice. Our first entrée was Murg chili milli kebab - tandori chicken marinated in Indian spices and accompanied by an East Asian sauce. The chicken was amazingly moist, tender and very flavor-ific. Our second entrée was Baingan dahiwala – roasted eggplant cooked with yogurt and onions in a cashew sauce. This dish was not as smooth textured as similar dishes served elsewhere, but was very tasty. Menu prices may initially seem high, but most entrees include a side salad, choice of naan or paratha, basmati rice and a lentil dipping sauce – we chose black. (4.5 Forks out of a possible 5)

      12/07 We were served housemade papadum with mint and tamarind sauces followed by a complimentary sweet potato salad that managed to be both spicy and cooling. My wife ordered the lamb chop masala - small tender chops that had been cooked in masala sauce. My entrée was chicken makhani, aka butter chicken, - melt-in-your mouth pieces of chicken cooked in a creamy tomato sauce. Both entrees included basmati rice, a black lentil dipping sauce, naan and an unadorned salad. I signed up online for the restaurant’s VIP club and used a 2/1 entrée coupon that was emailed to me shortly before we departed for this trip. (4.5 Forks)

      12/07 We were the only customers this Saturday afternoon so I suspect luncheon hours may be curtailed in the future. We each ordered chicken kebab roll – grilled tandoor chicken wrapped in a Romali roll. Lunches include a choice of ice tea or soda, we chose the ice tea. The flavor was truly amazing, but the amount of food was more than we needed. The cost of the meal is net of a $10 coupon received after I provided feedback on our experience in September. (4.5 Forks)

      12/07 We were served complimentary papadum with mint and tamarind sauces. Orders of chicken Chettinad - boneless thigh pieces cooked with pounded southern spices with a hint of coconut and lamb Rajwari - boneless lamb cooked with spices, tomatoes, yogurt and a touch of cashew. Both dishes included a vegetable dish, naan, rice and salad. We used a printable 2/1 coupon that had been emailed to members of the restaurant’s VIP club. (4.5 Forks)

      04/08 We were quickly seated and served house made papadum with mint and tamarind sauces. Our entrées were Fish Nigril – fish (sole/flounder) in a freshly prepared green sauce and Lamb Rajwari – boneless lamb cooked with Indian spices, tomatoes, yogurt and a taste of cashew. Our meals included a black lentil dipping sauce, basmati rice, a small unadorned salad and naan. For an extra fee we upgraded one portion to peshawari naan – stuffed with crushed nuts, raisins and cilantro. The peshawari naan was unbelievable, but we were disappointed by the quantity of fish in our entrée given the $21 menu price. We concluded the meal by ordering beet halwa for dessert which is prepared with grated beets, sugar, ghee, cashew nuts and cardamom powder – excellent. (3.5 Forks)

      09/08 This restaurant continues to impress on many levels, not the least of which is the owner’s willingness to improvise and update the menu. Raja, the owner, recognized my name on the reservation and came over to say hello. He also sent over an order of BBQ chicken, the evening’s special appetizer, which was beautiful to both the eye and tongue. We were also served house made papadum with mint and tamarind sauces. Our shared entrees this evening were lamb raawali (boneless lamb with Indian spices, tomatoes, yogurt and a touch of cashew) and chicken Labrador (chicken delicately cooked in tomato gravy with a hint of coconut). The entrees were accompanied by a large bowl of black lentils, rice and Naan. Service throughout, as usual, was outstanding. I was able to use a free entrée coupon received for my birthday even though it expired a few months prior – thank you Raja! (4.5 Forks)

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        Westie, thanks for your thorough review. Now, I can hardly wait to get over there and give it a try.

      2. I think it's the best Indian restaurant in Las Vegas. Great tasting menus. Reading westie's post makes me want to go again, soon.

        1. I have eaten at Origin India and it is fabulous! The food has so many flavors. It isn't your typical Indian restaurtant where you would expect to get a lot of curry. I mean their curry is awesome, but they have so many different things on the menu that anybody can find many things that they like. They also have really good vegetarian dishes, and I'm not a vegetarian. I heard about their Valentine's Day sensual special too and I'm thinking that is where we are going tomorrow night.

          1. I am just amazed that I have not found this place until now. All of these golwing reviews, and my wife and I are big fans of Indian food. Granted we have a two year old and another on the way so we don't get out to eat nearly as often as we would like. If nothing else I will have to try and get over there for a lunch really soon.