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Feb 12, 2009 06:15 PM

What would you do?

I was at the Supermarket the other day and this woman was sneezing. No biggie, except she wasn't covering her mouth and nose and was standing right by the salad bar. I mean she was right there scooping out food when she had a sneezing fit. Now an employee of the store looked at her and then at me. I made a face and walked away. My thought was that the employee would tell whoever needed to know.

After I left I felt funny. I never get food from the salad bar, but if I did would I have reacted diferently?

What would others have done?

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  1. ODD! I never seen a Supermarket with a Salad Bar! Was it an eatery inside the Supermarket?

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      1. re: RShea78

        Odd indeed. Lots of them do. Many have extensive food bars. Whole Foods, for example.

        1. re: RShea78

          Most of ours in FL have them. Not an eatery, just a salad bar. Strange, never seen a store without one.

        2. and hence my "no salad bar/buffet/self service" eating establishment rule! It may not be any cleaner when its made in a kitchen and served to me, but atleast I have a thin veil of out-of-sight-out-of-mind!!!

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          1. re: nkeane

            I'm with you. I was at my Wegmans and in the bakery section where you can freely pick your muffins..bagels..this kid was picking tops of muffins..licking his fingers..and going for another was busy on her cell and shopping.

            1. re: rHairing

              i would have said something to the mother...and the store manager.

              1. re: rHairing

                I would have picked up every muffin he touched, put it in a bag, and placed it in the moms cart saying "your son chose these muffins for you...enjoy!"

                  1. re: gryphonskeeper

                    I LOVE it! Kudos, Gryphonskeeper! I wish others would step up to aberrant behavior like this; it would quickly stop.

              2. Another example of why I don't partake from salad bars. We discussed this in another thread last week and i was told that it's OK because there are germs everywhere.

                In this situation, I would have told the store manager of the situation.

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                1. re: taos

                  I am so with the others who don't do salad bars or buffets. The food becomes a petri dish of germs from too many multiple hands. I've seen people touching food, smelling it up to their noses, putting stuff back or just using their bare hands to get items off a buffet. No thank you.

                  1. re: mschow

                    just tell them, "oh sure, just go right ahead and put your used kleenex in there!" ;-O.

                    1. re: mschow

                      True, that does happen ... However is ever worked in a top restaurant ... most people would be shocked to see what takes place. Even the best of the best. You think no because it is a 4 or 5 star restaurant, but believe me, not quite the same but still you would be amazed at what takes place.

                      It doesn't bother me.

                  2. if the store employee just stood there like a dolt, i would've said, "would you mind doing your sneezing away from this salad bar area?" then i would complain to the store manager about the dolt employee, with a name!

                    1. I wrote about this the other day but my post was deleted (I get off topic often!) In the meat dept. this guy's nose was dripping onto all these packages of meat- he was standing there for quite a while sniffling, and when I glanced over at him I saw it all...including the splashdown. GaHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      It's not quite the same as open food like a salad bar, but it was equally disgusting.

                      Don't you love it when you are in a restaurant, innocently sitting there, eating, and someone walks by and COUGH/SNEEZE/COUGH just exactly at the moment where they are sort of looming over your dish!?!? Man, why can't they turn their head AWAY- cover their mouth- something?!?! I've been known to throw my napkin over my plate when people are walking past our table-it's like I'm an airbourne snot target.

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                      1. re: Boccone Dolce

                        That always makes me think of the time we went out for a nice dinner with my young daughter (I guess about 4 or 5 at the time). We almost entirely eat at home, and had always taught her to turn away from the table when she needed to sneeze. However we had not yet had the occasion to modify that lesson on meals out, so she dutifully turned away and sneezed directly toward another table (hand over her mouth fortunately!) one of those-- "I did what you told me to do"....