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Feb 12, 2009 03:55 PM

Itchin' for Oysters...

BF is craving oysters right now. But, we're in Astoria, where oysters are found few and far between. Does anyone have suggestions for a restaurant with good, fresh oysters? We have a car, so don't mind driving a bit, even to Manhattan (as long as it's not downtown). Thanks :)

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  1. I'm not an oyster expert by any means, but I hear the Oyster Bar in Grand Central is top notch. Crowded during certain times, but a friend who knows his stuff said they are amazing there.

    1. You can go to the EAST BUFFET in Flushing. Unlimited oysters and clams freshly shucked.

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        Do they have this during lunch too or just for dinner, and weekdays or weekends?

        1. re: phantomdoc

          Has anyone been for the unlimited oysters before? What's the word on the quality of product?

        2. A little pricey but would absolutely recommend Shaffer City Oyster Bar & Grill‎. Great selection of both Atlantic and Pacific variety oysters.

          1. Track's is the only place in NYC with the best tasting oysters and raw bar for that matter. And, except for the seared sea scallop salad and clam chowder the rest of the menu admittedly is pretty bad. However, for oyster quality it pretty much buries GCOB, Schaffers, all the Pearl's and Aquas into the ground. Ambience is a different story. After all we're talking about a niche filled in Penn Station. Other than Track's I go to Blue Moon Fish at the Farmer's Market and buy a couple of dozen to shuck myself.