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Feb 12, 2009 03:15 PM

What is vienoisserie?

I understand it has something to do with baking/baked goods, but what exactly does this word mean? Thanks!

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  1. Viennoiserie means literally something made "à la Viennoise", Vienna-style, since croissants (the typical viennoiserie) originated in Austria and not in France. By extension, in France "viennoiseries" are the type of "dry"pastries made from puff pastry or brioche dough, and they are typically eaten in the morning for breakfast, or sometimes as an afternoon snack, but never for dessert at the end of a meal. Dessert pastries in France tend to be more sophisticated, i.e. filled with mousse, buttercream, ganache, etc. Basically viennoiseries are baked items that are simple to eat on the go, don't necessitate the use of flatware/plates to be eaten, and can be eaten warm or cold.

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    1. re: bad nono

      I'd also include danish. I associate the term with the laminated doughs (where cold butter if folded in through a series of 'turns'): croissant, puff, and danish, but I would not argue about your definition at all.

      1. re: babette feasts

        sure, but we don't have danishes in France. The closest thing to a danish would be a pain aux raisins, I think. I didn't know the term "laminated dough", thanks!

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          Laminated dough--now I'm picturing a croissant shaped out of that wood grain patterned plastic that usually goes on countertops.

          Yes, I understand that it's dough + butter in many very thin, multiply folded layers.

      2. re: bad nono

        That's a new one for me, what an elegant term to have learned. Questions and answers like these are one of the truly valuable things about this board, thanks.