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Feb 12, 2009 03:15 PM

Looking for restaurant that caters for a b-day party (mexican or greek). . .any ideas?

We are having a family party for my daughter's first birthday. We will be serving lunch and would love ideas for a great but simple caterer - something mexican or greek would be great, but we are open for anything. Don't want anything too pricey. Thanks in advance Chowhounds!

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  1. You didn't mention location...but check out Senor Fish in Eagle Rock. I've had them cater some office lunches and they are very reasonable and the food is great.

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      Oops. . .location is west la. Thanks so much for the suggestion, though!

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        Pinches Tacos on Sunset between Sweetzer and Crescent Heights, about $15 a good!!

    2. Papa Cristo has great Greek food to go and they do cater as well . I have had many parties using their food . It 's always a hit. Tzitziki, spanikopita, hummos, babaganouj, olives, just to name a few, are all fantastic from there.

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        1. My favorite inexpensive Mexican on the westside is Tacos Por Favor, on the S/E corner of Olympic at 14th. I sometimes see them loading up very large boxes full of food -- I'm not positive they deliver, but I think so. All of their meats are good -- I prefer al pastor, and theirs is flavorful though not spitgrilled -- the carnitas sometimes wonderful sometimes hard, and their milanese served on tortas is excellent. Best salsa roja on the westside. I know that the original El Super Taco on Santa Monica Blvd. at Brockton delivers -- their tacos are quite inexpensive and served with grilled onions, but the meats inconsistent -- I've had delicious, charred, beautiful carne asada there but also grey, gristly horrible beef. Regulars there seem to order the tortas. I love a bit of their superhot habanero salsa mixed in with the roja. If you are more towards Mar Vista, check out Taqueria Sanchez for their wonderful, inexpensive shrimp tacos, and Gallegos Deli for barbacoa.